Winning In Crises


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Everybody has had crises at one time or the other in their life and no sane person prays for crises, because no one likes them. Nonetheless, they come the way of every believer, especially those who walk in the will of God for them. Many wrongly believe that walking in the will of God guarantees a crisis-free life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In Christ Jesus, the good news is that there is a way out of your crises!

In Winning In Crises, Pastor Charles Omofomah extracts seven simple yet supernatural principles from a Bible story so dear to his heart – that of David and Goliath. According to Pastor Charles, “These seven principles are the governing elements of faith, you don’t have victory without them.” He plumbs the depths of these spiritual laws which will cause you to walk in victory every time a crisis comes your way.

The truths shared in the pages of this book are essentials for the victorious child of God because they constitute the elements that define the life of real faith. To walk by faith, you must imbibe and practice these principles. With the application of these principles, where shame and defeat once reigned, success and glory will now reign. Health will take the place of sickness, riches will replace poverty and joy will displace sorrow.

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