Building Project

Auditorium Project – Ongoing

The TCC Auditorium is a proposed 6000 seater multi-level Auditorium with additional meeting rooms, Nursery, Conference rooms, Media center, foyers and lobbies. When completed, our church services and meetings will hold in the new TCC auditorium. The TCC auditorium is being built to the glory of God and presents an opportunity to sow your seed in good ground. Click here to go the Auditorium Takeover Project where you can sow your seed into a particular part of the Auditorium Building Project.

Greenville Phase 4 : Car Park – Ongoing

Greenville Phase 4 is part of the recent spate of expansion the ministry has miraculously experienced since 2013 as God has added choice pieces of property to the ministry. Following the purchase of the property, it was transformed into a Car Park for those who attend services at The Carpenter’s Church. The project was funded through the generous contributions of the members of The General’s Distribution Club.

New Ministry Office Complex – Finished

The ministry purchased a new building miraculously situated alongside the perimeter of Greenville. The building which underwent redesign and reconstruction, features a fully air-conditioned guest lounge and offices, two fully furnished kitchenettes, fire extinguishers and muster points, a conference room, five ultra-modern restrooms and the Pastor’s lounge. The new ministry office complex was dedicated on the 12th of December 2017 to the Glory of God, the service of humanity, and the fulfilment of the Vision.

Ekklesia: School of Local Church – Finished

Ekklesia: School of Local Church, another arm of The Carpenter’s Ministry was established in January, 2005, with the aim of preparing men and women who sense a call to the full time pastoral ministry in the local church. The School formally began in January 2005 in an air-conditioned facility on the ministry grounds on Greenville. In 2013, the new school block was completed and dedicated on Sunday 24th March, in loving memory of God’s General, Pastor Charles Omofomah, the founding President.

Caleb’s Flats – Finished

“When the Lord asked me to come to Port Harcourt (a city I had never lived in before) to start a brand new Ministry, – I took out time to pray and fast for the new project. My main prayer point was for human resources – people who, at different times and in different capacities, would run with the vision and together we would see it come into reality. By faith, I receive all our Staff Partners as one of the answers to that prayer…” Pastor Charles Omofomah, The Founding Pastor.

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