We Distribute The Word of God

We are using different media to spread the Gospel. We broadcast the Word online and on air. Live video streams of our Sunday services can be viewed online on all device types, all over the earth, and on-demand replays of message videos are available every day of the week. Subscribing to the TCM You Tube Channel is easy and gets you notified each time a new video is available. Click here to subscribe. Our award-winning program, Freshdew, is available on TV & Radio and on the Freshdew website. Subscribing to our podcasts is another way to connect with the Word on a daily basis.

We Develop Strong Families

One way to build a strong Church is to build strong families and at TCM we do this through several family focused endeavours. One of such is the Family Follow-Up Group System. The babies, toddlers, and children up to preteen age are all well taken care of at TC Cubs in air-conditioned classrooms with teaching aids. There are lots of “cool stuff on the right track” for the teens at TC Squared Church. The “grown-ups” aren’t left out at all. They meet in the Adult Church and there is always something good to look forward to. The Body Life for Families meetings hold monthly with a boot camp for married men, a gathering of wives worth more than rubies, and a singles’ club.

Get Answers to Life’s Questions

Visit the Boaz Brigade, MoThaRs Collection, and Sistaz & Suitors Question and answer blogs today.

We Live to Serve Humanity

Just like the Father’s heart, our heart beats in TCM for people. We have committed ourselves to serve humanity in many ways and by being the light in our community and our world, we reflect the hope found in Jesus Christ to a dark and dying world. We do this through community scholarships, infrastructure development, partnering with local law enforcement, ministry to widows, etc. In TCM, as led by God, we are impacting lives in our city through many ways such as our prison outreach, a restoration home for young ladies etc. We also partner with missionaries as well as other ministries in and outside Nigeria, especially in building projects.

Printed Word is Our Passion

Books published by Ready Writer Publishing House can be found on our online Store and at our Word Shop situated on Greenville.

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