The Faces Of The Killer

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Pastor Nkechi Ene

There is sometimes no difference in the experiences between believers and unbelievers. These could include negative experiences and you wonder why bad things happen to good people as is popularly said.


This book gives some answers to these questions, by teaching you how to identify Satan, the killer when he shows up disguised in multiple faces. You will, therefore, be able to avoid or accost this killer when you are able to break his cover.


For too long people have looked for the killer in the wrong places, but in this book, Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.) reveals three things that the killer knows will easily kill you. The simple but profound truths in this book are guaranteed to liberate you, help you identify the killer and to stop him in his tracks.

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4 reviews for The Faces Of The Killer

  1. Daiyi Macarthy

    This book is an interesting companion. The truths in this book are geared towards equipping the believer with the ability to unmask the Devil in whatsoever guise he might decide to appear. A must have I confess.

  2. Michael Alaohuru

    This book has helped me to answer some questions that had bothering me since childhood. Thank you Pastor Kech

  3. Gloria Tamuno

    This book by Pastor Nkechi Ene equips believers with profound truths to identify and confront Satan’s deceptive tactics, offering liberation from his destructive influence.

  4. Pastor Esther Sunday

    This is a must read book for every believer because it thoroughly unmasks the enemy.

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