The Robbers Did Not Even Touch Me

Discovering Treasures was truly a meeting of Heaven on earth for my family and me. Precisely on the Thursday Night before the program, I had a strange encounter with a woman in my dream. In the dream, the demonic woman was trying to stop me from gaining entrance into somewhere and I was praying in tongues and calling on the name of Jesus in my attempt to cast her off. I was praying so intensely in my dream that my wife had to wake me up. And afterwards, I was really troubled even after spending more time praying.

Well, the high point of the conference for me was when Rev. Efe gave a Word of knowledge during the Sunday service concerning someone that a woman was trying to take something from in a dream, and he gave the word of assurance that God said the person should not worry because God was with him. I quickly received the Word rejoicing, my wife also rejoiced with me as I had previously told her of the strange dream.

Precisely about 1:00 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, as I was trying to clear my vehicle around First bank Olu – Obasanjo Road, a Toyota Corolla vehicle suddenly blocked my vehicle and two masked men approached me with automatic rifles. One of the men cocked his gun at me and demanded I give him the money or he would shoot me while his partner opened my passenger’s door and conducted a search of my vehicle. I just remained strangely calm as if a supernatural wind had completely engulfed me, as I softly told him I had no idea of the money he was talking about. Since they did not find anything, they quickly took my car key and my phone and drove away in their own vehicle, to the surprise of the bank security policemen, who later told me that they were set ready for an exchange of fire with the robbers. I wonder what would have happened to me if there was an exchange of fire with me directly in the line of fire. The robbers did not even touch me, they only went away with my phone and my car key. I give God all the glory for His miraculous deliverance and preservation of my life and for His mercy on my wife and my children.

Thank you so much Pastor Nkechi Ene, for being such a huge source of blessing to us and for inviting Rev Obuke for DT 2018.

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