God Took Away Tears, Shame, Sorrow, Agony And Reproach From My Family

Between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. in the morning of 25th May 2017, I was having stomach pangs and decided to lie down in my room, leaving my son in my husband’s care. Due to the discomfort I was feeling, I was quite restless in my bed, but before long, I finally dozed off.

Earlier that morning, at about 5 a.m., my younger sister woke up from a bad dream crying. She dreamt that the authorities had served my family a letter stating that my elder brother was sentenced to life imprisonment for a terrible crime he had committed. She woke up my other sister, who she told the dream, and they both started praying and making declarations from God’s Word. They declared Isaiah 49:22-25, and also prayed for long life for every member of my family, making mention of everyone’s name (both nuclear and extended). As this was happening, my elder sister in her own home had a leading to come out to her sitting room to pray. She also made declarations of life and health as she prayed.

I slept for some time and decided to go and check on my husband in the room. As I sat up from the bed, I had a strange feeling and quickly looked down at my bed. It was then that I realized that while I was sitting upright, my body was still lying down on the bed. I immediately lay down and tried to align myself with my body on the bed. I thought I was having a very bad dream.

I got up again, but slower this time, and realized that my body was still lying on the bed. I panicked and made several more attempts to slowly get up, all to no avail. I tried to get up from the bed with my legs first; I still got the same result. With my head, same result. Each time I wanted to get up, I would first lay down and try to align my hands and legs with my body on the bed before I get up, but the same thing kept happening. At this point, I became very restless and frantic. I started screaming really loud but nobody heard me. I even clapped my hands really hard and loud, but still there was no response or help from anybody because nobody heard me. I started crying, panting, and struggling, while still trying to get up. I tried to use the window for support, but I couldn’t really feel the window or anything for that matter. So, I just suspended my hand on the window, pretending to be holding it, and used all the strength in my body to get up, but all my efforts were futile. By this time, I had made between ten to fifteen attempts to get up. I was almost giving up, almost losing hope; I really wanted to feel something. All of a sudden, a thought came to mind: “I need to touch something cold.” I asked myself, “What will I touch? What will I touch? What?” It was then I noticed a pillow close to my feet, and since it was just a part of my leg that was touching the pillow, I decided to touch a cold part of the pillow, the part where my leg had not touched. I slowly reached for the pillow and grabbed a cold part. I left my hands on the pillow for some seconds and decided to try getting up again, with the pillow as my support this time. Slowly, I started getting up. It felt like I was pulling my body off a magnet, with my whole strength! As though I was asked to solely carry a building as big as our auditorium.

Finally, I got up! With my whole self! I placed my legs on the floor and I felt the coldness of the floor. I got up immediately, and ran out of the room in terror. My body was hot and I was trembling! I ran to my husband and I couldn’t even explain what had just happened. I just kept saying, “The devil wants to kill me. The devil wants to kill me.” He immediately shushed me and told me that the devil cannot kill me, and I cannot die. God is indeed BIG in me. Zoe, the indestructible life of God, is big in me.

I give all the praise to God Almighty. He is indeed mindful of me. I kept imagining what would have happened if I had gotten up from the bed to go and check on my husband and son only to realize that I could not be seen, heard or felt. God took away tears, shame, sorrow, agony and reproach from my family. We serve a big, big God.

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