Favour is here! Prophecy — [Sunday -24/10/2021]

“Stop talking about your troubles and the attacks against you and start talking about the favour of God that delivers. Stop talking about your troubles, stop talking about the attacks and start talking about the favour of God. Switch your language, switch your language, change your tone, use My Words, favour is here.

Favour is now, favour is free, favour is strong, favour satisfies, favour is Mine to give, favour is yours to take, it’s My good pleasure just for you. So, switch your language, change your tone, use My Words.

Switch your language from fear to faith, switch your language from doubting to expecting, change your tone from pain to praise, from grumbling to rejoicing. Lift your voice, declare it, attract it”.

Favour is here to lift me up, favour is now to redeem my lost time, favour is free to open new doors to me, favour is strong enough to shield and protect me, favour satisfies me with the fullness of the blessing. Favour is Yours, Lord to give to me, favour is mine to take. So, I switch my language, I switch my language, I change my tone, I use Your words and I receive it – Your favour just for me.

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