Day 1 – [25/11/2013] PRAISE DECLARATION

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, we make our boast in You!
We lift You up! There is none like You, hallelujah!
We have gathered today and we have come to praise You.
We’ve not come for anything else but to praise You with a loud voice.
If we had a thousand tongues, it wouldn’t be enough to show our praise.
We’ve come to praise You. Just to praise You. We’ve only come to praise You.
We’ve come to lift You up and let the world see that You are our God.
We’ve come to exalt You and let the universe see that You are our Redeemer.

We’ve come to praise You and declare that You are our Helper. Our Ebenezer! The One who has helped us thus far. Thus far You have helped us, and so shall You continue to help us, because You are faithful, You are reliable, You are dependable.

Beautiful God! Wonderful Father! Worthy of our praise, worthy of our adoration.
Faithful God! Our glory and the Lifter up of our heads.
We declare hallelujah!
We shout hallelujah!
With a loud voice hallelujah! Hallelujah!
We will praise you like never before.
Yea, we will declare your goodness like never before.
We remember when we were at the miry clay and you set our feet on the rock to stay.
We remember when we had no food to eat but now we are feeding people. Why will we not say hallelujah?
We are here to praise him. That is why we came.

Remember where He brought you from!
Remember where you were five years ago.
Remember who you were two years ago.
I remember what my body was like last year, yes I remember.
Remember when you were bound by sin. Remember when He saved your life. Remember when He saved your soul.

Remember when He saved your marriage, and when you shout hallelujah, do it from the depth of your heart. Even if your chair cannot contain you, run around the auditorium because that’s the reason why you came.

That’s the reason why we are here this week to lift our praise to the Father and to the King of kings. To tell Him we remember everything. Do you remember? Hallelujah faithful God, we are here to praise You.

This week we will bring our Ebenezer praise, that’s what I hear in my spirit. This week we will bring our Ebenezer praise and Ebenezer thanksgiving or Ebenezer monument. Who is the one who acknowledges, ‘thus far have You brought us?’ I look at my life Jesus and I know, thus far have You brought me. Say that about yourself. Thus far Jehovah brought you.

The reason you are alive today, standing here today and able to lift your hands is because Jehovah brought you this far. When He needed to hold your hand, He held your hand. When He needed you to hold His shirt and follow Him, He went in front. When He needed to carry you on His back because you couldn’t walk anymore, He carried you. In whatever form or format you were, He never left you. Ebenezer praise says, “Thus far have You brought us Lord.” And Ebenezer praise says, “thus far shall You take us.” He is the same God who brought us this far, the same God who brought your health this far; the same God who has shown you who you are in Christ Jesus and now, nobody can call you a slave or a servant anymore. You know you are a son of God. That same God will take you further. That’s why we are here. To praise Him and to lift our voices and shout hallelujah, which means we make our boast in Jehovah.

Hallelujah! We praise You Lord. Somebody needs to shake themselves loose. Somebody needs to move around. We are going to give him condensed praise because we know that thus far has He brought us, and thus far has Jehovah and Jehovah alone helped us. We came to honour Him, to praise Him, to declare His goodness and to declare His power. We are here to say He’s a wonder, to remember the things He’s done for us, to raise up an Ebenezer praise to Him and to say thus far have You helped us Lord and thus far shall You continue to take us. Go home with your praise; come back with your praise.

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