Your Default State of Healing

24 Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness .. by whose stripes you were healed.

1 Peter 2:24

“..By whose stripes you were healed,” is past tense. That means that when God looks at you, He is looking at a healthy person. There is a difference between somebody who is sick trying to get well and somebody who is well resisting and rejecting sickness. If you are born again, your default natural state is healed and healthy.

Once you get defined as someone who “has” a condition it becomes very difficult to resist that condition that has become your identity. I remember a sister in our church that resisted the label and expectation of her doctors. In her first pregnancy a severe illness had resulted in a premature delivery through an emergency caesarian section. She got pregnant six months later, much to the horror of her doctors. Her gynecologist felt that she should have known better, especially since she was a medical doctor. They all reacted this way because they expected another crisis, another premature delivery and another caesarian section so soon. That was the label they had for her. Having a caesarian section certainly does not make a woman a failure or a sinner, but it is definitely not always the only option, as many doctors have told many a woman.

Well, she looked away from what everybody else was saying and she just looked at God and His Word realizing afresh that there was nothing too difficult for Him to do. In the New Year of that year (1998), when we told the congregation to write three things that they were trusting God for in that year, the sister wrote down that she believed she would have a normal pregnancy, and a full term vaginal delivery of a healthy baby. She cultivated the habit of praying in tongues a lot, and she did that throughout this second pregnancy. It helped her heart establish and focus on who God had labelled her to be: the healed in Christ Jesus. When the time came, she carried the pregnancy to a full nine months, had a very normal pregnancy period, and indeed a vaginal delivery. The doctors were really surprised, and those who told her that she should have known better, turned around and told her that she was really blessed.

My default natural state is healed and healthy. I am not the sick trying to get well; I am the healed resisting and rejecting sickness.

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