Today I Am Well And Strong

I went to Lagos to submit my industrial attachment (IT) letter to a company. For me to get there, I had to take a taxi. As I got into the taxi a voice said to me, “You will die today.” I immediately replied and said, “I won’t,” and I prayed about it. Just then I heard another voice that instructed me to move to the owner’s side of the car. So, I quickly did that. At that time my sister called me to know if I was okay and I assured her that I was fine. After we spoke, I slept off. The next thing I knew was waking up to see the taxi doing a 240o turn. As I reached out to hold on to the front seat, the taxi somersaulted three times through the other side of the road and landed afterwards. I thank God that there were no oncoming vehicles.

As the taxi somersaulted and I was being thrown from one side of the car to the other, I kept saying, “God is big in me, I can’t die,” over and over again until the car came to a stop. I picked up my possessions that were scattered in the car and called out to the driver, but he did not respond to me. So, I came down from the car to try and get people to help him out of the car. When they got to us they found out that I was bleeding, so, they came to help me also. However, I was already out of the car and was sitting on the ground speaking in tongues because I had no other words to say. I was just so grateful to God for sparing my life and knew I cannot die.

I was taken to the hospital by some of the people that came to help me only to find out that the hospital personnel were on strike. So, they decided to take me to a military hospital. On the way to the hospital, we had to drive past the accident scene. When we got there, I asked how the driver was doing, one of the paramedics told me that she was the one attending to him. When they noticed that my palm was bleeding, they took me to the ambulance to attend to me also. My palm was cut open, three of my fingers were split open also and my nails were torn off. When I got to the ambulance I saw the taxi driver. When I asked him how he was doing, the only thing he kept saying was, “I am sorry,” over and over again. I assured him that it wasn’t his fault, it was an accident.

The female paramedic requested for a bottle of coke for me. I drank the coke without tasting it. It was as if I just poured a fluid right down my throat; there was no taste. They covered the wound to stop the bleeding and took me to the Accident and Emergency Unit. I kept praising God for my life, and by this time, my sister was already at the hospital.

When we got there, they re-opened the wound because they wanted to stitch the cuts. This was the hardest part because I was in so much pain. I was given a substantial amount of pain relief medication, yet none of them could stop the pain or reduce it. The doctor kept telling the nurse to give me more injections, but the nurse argued that the dosage was enough. She said an overdose of the medication might kill her. However, the doctor insisted that she should give me more medication.

All the while, I was singing and screaming alternatively. I would scream whenever he starts stitching a cut, and when he is done with that, I would continue singing. I kept doing this over and over again. At a point, the doctor said, “You are a woman of faith.”

As they moved me from the emergency room to my room, I asked for my sister, and she came. I was so happy that I could talk, so, when they wanted to hang my arm up, I objected. I did not want my hand to be hung up neither did I want to be treated like a sick person. So, I was everywhere, and when I couldn’t walk again the nurses took me back to the room. Yet I wanted to come out again because I felt so alive, I had so much strength in me. Moreover, I never stopped praying and praising God for this mighty deliverance. Later, I bought a cast for my neck and went home with my sister.

We were referred to the Lagos State Hospital after they x-rayed my hand and done some tests. I got my x-ray films and my sister, and I went to the hospital to see the doctor. I had to wait a whole day to see the specialist who came by 2:00 a.m. He had to remove the dressing that was used to cover the stitches on my hand. When he was done with that he informed me that I was going to be admitted since he was the only one who could prevent my hand from being deformed.

I did not want to be admitted. I wanted to be an out-patient who could come for treatment and daily checkups. The doctor had told me that if I refused to be admitted, and other doctors reject me, he would not take up my case again if I came back. So, my sister called our elder sister who asked to speak with the doctor. After speaking with the doctor, she asked us to leave the hospital. My sister, who was staying with me, reminded me that I was the one who often said that God is everywhere and that God is good, so there was no need for me to worry. That was when we decided that we needed to go to another hospital.

When we got to the next hospital, I was at peace and happy because the doctor was kind. After the nurse checked me, the doctor had to remove the dressing to examine the wound. This was another time of pain and screaming. The doctor assured me that he would cover the wound in such a way that it will not be painful when next I remove the dressing. With lifted hands, I praised God and after a while, they joined me. The doctor looked at my x-ray films and later asked me to do some things and everything came out good. Apart from a broken rib, there were no broken bones. Moreover, the doctor assured me that the rib would heal fast because I am still young and growing.

I was given sleeping pills to sleep and pain medications for the pains. However, most nights I wouldn’t sleep because I was so afraid of going into a coma. My sister would stay up all night trying to make me see that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I listened to the message No Fear Here by Pastor Nkechi Ene and all the fear left me.

In one week, I could make use of my hand. God came through for me in every way I could imagine. He never left me even for a second; God favoured me all around. I had an accident, but I never looked like someone who went through that kind of ordeal because God kept me. He preserved my life when the devil tried to take it away. In one month, I was fully recovered without any smell of smoke.

I thank God for the pastors, my family, the choir members and loved ones who prayed tirelessly for me. Today I am well and strong. I also thank God for the undiluted Word that is being taught in this place. I give Him all the praise.

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