Through All Those Dark Days God Was With Me

Some years back, I was so sick that it became a source of concern for my husband and family members. I had just had a baby. I developed severe pains that could not be tied up with any issues around my delivery. Medical consultants were brought in but they could not exactly ascertain what it was. I was deteriorating. At some point, I was placed on drip alone, neither food nor water for the first three days, then another three days. It got so bad that as I was being moved to another hospital because of the presence of all my family members and in-laws, I asked my sister if I was dead and was being taken to the mortuary.

Through all those dark days God was with me. Though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death I feared no evil because I knew deep down inside that I serve Jehovah Rapha. I remembered vividly what the surgeon told me before I was wheeled into the theatre. He said, “Madam, we do not know exactly what is wrong with you, but we will open you up and whatever we find inside we will clean up.” All my husband and family members could do was pray, pray, and pray. My Husband could not participate in the surgery. When they wouldn’t let my husband to be part of the surgery, all he could do was to speak in tongues and declare God’s Word over me. The surgery went well. They found out the root of the problem, and my husband told me it was only by God’s mercy I survived. I thank God for the mercy of God as I would have been sleeping in my grave.

Some other time, I had this very sharp pain in my spine. It was so painful that I was bent over. I couldn’t do anything for myself; I remembered someone suggested getting a walking stick for me, which I rejected. I was miserable. I had to live on pills and injections, but they only gave little relief. My husband took me for X-rays. I recall my husband and the radiologist discussing my case, and after much deliberation, he then told me of how I had to live with that condition for the rest of my life. He said if I was sixteen they would have performed a surgery to insert an iron or something else to help me. To which, I quickly replied, “Thank God I was way past that age.” The radiologist went on to say that there was nothing that could be done.

At that point I knew I had heard enough, so I excused myself out of the room, to the reception and laughed. I just kept on laughing when someone I knew asked me why I was laughing, “I said can you imagine what they said is wrong with this body that God Himself wonderfully and beautifully made?” He asked what? I then spoke some lines of tongues. He asked the same question again and I repeated the tongues again and said what they said is wrong with me. I could see the confusion on his face, but I left there happier than I walked in because I knew healing had taken place.

I got home that day and decided to take a step of faith, so I picked up a broom which I hadn’t done for days and swept. Amidst the pain I carried the laundry basket went and hung the clothes outside and did a couple of other things. By the time my cousin came in from school, she was pleasantly surprised to see me out of bed, she proclaimed, “Woman art thou healed?” And I replied, “Yes, Jesus of Nazareth passed and He healed me.” To God’s glory, ever since I have never bent over in pain again.

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