Thanking God for Saving My Life from Fire Accident

In the evening of Sunday the 18th December 2016, I decided to make rice and stew but there was no tomato, so my husband stepped out to buy some. I turned on the gas cooker and started frying the meat for the stew. While I was frying it, I noticed that the flame on the burner was more of yellow and then I remembered that my husband had changed the gas regulator before he traveled on Friday, because the previous one had stopped working. I called him and told him of the way it was making the pot black. He told me to stop using it and use the camp gas instead.

When he returned, he immediately carried my son from the kitchen to the sitting room, and was trying to change the TV channel. Meanwhile, I brought the camp gas into the kitchen and was trying to turn it on when I heard a very loud “BOOM!!!” My kitchen was caught up in flames, I reached for the fire extinguisher but I felt so much pain, because my body was also on fire. I ran for the door that leads to the sitting room but I could not go out because the force of the explosion had hit the iron door and it was damaged. It was like a “C” shape. That was when I felt a cool breeze and a very calming voice that said, “Come this way.” As I turned, I saw that the back door, which I had locked with key, had blown open to the opposite direction. Immediately I stepped out, the fire went off.

When I came out of the kitchen, my whole skin had the exact look of cooked meat. All the hairs on my body were singed including my eyebrows and lashes, even most part of the hair on my head. On my way to the hospital, I remember receiving a call from Pastor Nkechi as my sister who works in the church office had called her and told her about what happened to me. Pastor prayed for me and told me that everything would be normal again. I could not respond to that statement she made, but I held on to it. She said I should not pay attention to the doctors taking care of me, but that I should look and hold on to God, because He is the One taking care of me.

By the next morning when the doctor came with things to treat my skin and wrap me up, he exclaimed in shock because my face and hands were fully restored. The only parts of my body that still had the impact of the fire were my legs. Even when the doctor taking care of the injuries got very distracted and worsened it, I held on to God because I know He never loses focus. The injuries were healed in a very short time. I give God all the praise and glory.

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