28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

Job 22:28 (KJV)

In giving us authority, there is a profound truth Jesus wanted us to learn. He wanted us to see that in giving us the authority, He asked us to sit down because the exercise of our authority is not a rigorous, warring exercise. He did not ask you to stand up. In exercising your authority over the defeated works of darkness, God expects you to be seated. For example, there is nothing wrong in fasting but when you fast, understand the reason why you fast. Some Christians think that it is through fasting that you gain the power to face the Devil. The Devil is already defeated!

When Jesus was raised up, you were raised up with Him. He is seated and you are seated together with Him in heavenly places. That is a place of rest. You need to have the revelation that everything we do as the church of Jesus Christ, we do from a position of rest, from a position of being seated. When you sit with Jesus in the same right hand place, like a king, you will issue decrees. From the right hand, high command position, issue commands to the things coming at you and they will change. Speak to them and though they may still roar at you for a while, to see what you will do, stand firm. If you show signs of fear they will not obey you. You issue a decree and it will be done. You say, “But I don’t see it immediately.” It is not a matter of seeing it immediately, you have issued a decree, full stop! They do not have the right to disobey. They may dance around a bit to see if you know that you are raised up and sitting together with Jesus. You have the authority to execute what Jesus would have done if He were physically present here on earth. This is your inheritance as a child of God. You have received the authority, the power of attorney and the token of control; it is now for you to open your mouth in faith, irrespective of what your eyes see, and issue the decree – and it will be done.


I am stationed with Christ at the right hand high command. From there, I issue decrees like the king that I am.

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