Seed Week 2016 [Day 2 — 28/06/2016]

“Is there anything too hard for Me?” says God. “Why do you limit Me in your mind? Why do you limit Me in your thinking? I am the same God who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt with a mighty hand after four hundred and thirty years, and settled them in the Land of Promise. I am the same God who turned the story of Samaria around in twenty four hours, and a land in so much lack, so much so that human flesh became a delicacy, was turned into a land of overflow.”

“I am the same God who gave an unusual instruction to the widow woman to borrow vessels, and in her obedience her story changed for the better. I am the same God who makes an axe head swim in water, who makes a raven feed a man, who makes the sun to stand still, who gives hope to the hopeless, who supplies your every possible need. I do not waver in My faithfulness towards you. I know your days,” says God, “and your inheritance shall be forever. Fear not for you shall not be ashamed in the evil time, and you shall be satisfied in the days of famine. Why? Because of My faithfulness.”

“It is raining; it is pouring. Instead of shame you shall have double honour. Yes, in your land, you shall possess double, and you shall rejoice in your portion. I am doing a quick work. It’s raining; it’s pouring. Yes! I am the same God with the same story. Yesterday, beyond today, and forever I still remain the same God.” Hallelujah!

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