Prayer Chain Prophecies Week 1 – [1/6/2015]

God says, “The world is getting sharper and deeper in technologies that make them perfect evil and deceits but I will give you wisdom that will make nonsense of their technologies. My wisdom will keep you ahead – that’s what wisdom does; it keeps you ahead. It might be foolish at the time of your taking it but remember, wisdom is the principal thing.”

“‘So how do I contact this wisdom?’ you may ask? It’s in My Word! My Spirit teaches through My Word. My Word sharpens, My Word is My wisdom. It’s supernatural! It’s not the wisdom of the world. Many books will come out of this wisdom because I will unveil secrets that have been hidden. That’s what My Spirit does, He unveils secrets, He unlocks doors, He gives solution.” And I heard in my spirit “WRONG PLACING,” and I asked “What about it?”

“Many of you will be re-positioned. When you follow My wisdom, you will be placed right, and when you are placed right you will be established. So many wrong placing. Follow Me! Don’t just follow the trend. Follow Me, for I will lead you; I will establish you. Your gifts are not enough, you need to be established. Like Joseph, you will get answers to the problems of kings. That’s My wisdom; it gives you a seat at the palace.”

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