Indeed, It Pays To Serve God

Some time ago, when I was to travel to Ebonyi State for fieldwork, I woke up that day, had my daily devotion, and had to pack my stuff ready for the trip. It was quite early, so it was still a bit dark in the room. I had brought out my knapsack to start packing when I noticed something curled up just where I had picked up the knapsack from. It looked like one of the designs of my curtain rail, so I wanted to pick it up, but the Spirit of God told me to get a light.

So, I put on the light on my phone and pointed at the object, lo and behold, it was a snake. At that point, I was shocked. I had lots of questions going through my head: I wondered how it got there, how it did not hurt me, etc. I was excited because I knew it was God. I mustered up the courage and went out to get something to kill it. But I was still too shocked to hit it because I slept in the small “self-contained”, one-room apartment with the snake and it did not harm me.

Then, I saw my neighbour and told him that I saw a snake in my room. My voice was very low, I could barely hear myself. I was amazed at the faithfulness and goodness of Jehovah Overdo. My neighbour came in and killed it. We noticed that the stomach was swollen; it had swallowed a rat that was why it was slow. That rat had been eating my bags and stuff in my room. I have made several attempts to get rid of that rat in the apartment, all to no avail.

The amazing thing was that the night it swallowed the rat, I had just returned home from school after spending three days at my family house. I heard the noise behind my fridge and thought there were cockroaches there, so I just slept off. That must have been when the miracle started, that manifested later.

I thank God for His faithfulness. Indeed, it pays to serve God. He protects and provides for me. He takes care of even the tiniest details of things. Since I joined The Carpenter’s Church and also joined the New Wine Choir, He has been protecting and providing for me. I thank Him for the Word that has built me and is still building me up. I thank Him for the great men of God in TCC.

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