I Thank God Because I Finally Was Enlisted For the NYSC

I graduated in 2004 and was supposed to go for the National Youth Service in 2005. When the list for ‘Batch A’ was published, my name was not on the list. I went for registration for ‘Batch B’, which was due in September 2005, but my name still was not on it. The same thing happened for ‘Batch A’ 2006. When it was time to register for ‘Batch B’ 2006, I decided to see Pastor Nkechi. She prayed with me and gave me words of encouragement. The list came out in July 2006 and a course mate told me that my name was still not on it. I thanked God and glorified His name.

On Monday the following week, I went to school and confirmed that my name was not there, but I started speaking the Word that “Affliction shall not arise a second time.” As I was doing this, a man came with a list and posted it on the notice board and passed by. This time, my name was on that list. Someone working in the office informed me that the list was posted because a page was left out of the earlier posted list. A woman had come earlier to make trouble in their office. She had asked for the master list sent from Abuja and it was then they saw her name and mine on that page. I thank God because I could then go for my NYSC. Praise God.

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