I Mocked The Fool With All The Witnesses I Had

When my period started on the 16th of December 2009, nothing prepared me for what was coming. When unlike the normal three days, it lasted for seven days. I cursed it and continued my healing confessions. Somehow, I suspected that the Devil was up to something.

Two months into the issue of blood, I observed that my clothes were becoming rather loose and people were complimenting me a lot on my weight loss. However, I knew there was nothing complimentary about losing blood, the very essence of life.

At the first Broken Wall Healing School after that, I took my healing and subsequently, I continued to thank God for my healing. After a while, I contemplated seeing a gynaecologist but I could not bring myself to do that because I believed I was healed, and if I was healed, there was no need seeing a doctor.

On a particular Tuesday, after a rather challenging day, I got home very angry with the whole fact of the constant, persistent, pouring out of fresh blood from my body. That night, I took time out and meditated on the import of my healing being “a done deal, ” as my Pastors often say. The Holy Spirit spoke to me extensively on the issue and at the end of it. I was so ashamed for having tolerated the nuisance in my body (the temple of God) for so long. Before going to sleep, I consulted Jehovah Rapha, my Healer afresh and asked Him to carry out a thorough scan on me and remove the root of the flow.

I woke up the next morning with a new lease on life. I knew my healing was a done deal. As a witness to my healing, I decided to send a note and sow almost all the money I had. Later that day, Pastor Nkechi sent for and prayed with me, a very simple prayer: “Issue of blood, I curse you from the root in Jesus' Name. It is done. Amen. ”

As I walked out of her office, there was not an iota of doubt to my having been healed. I did not only have the Word of God as my witness, I had past healing testimonies and now, I added the word of His prophet. By the next morning, there was not a drop of blood and I thanked God for it.

The next day, I had a meeting in my village so I travelled home. While at that meeting, I felt a lumpy stuff press out of my body and I quickly went to the back of the house to see what it was. As I was about to squat, something dropped and startled, I picked it up with a paper and disposed of it. After the meeting I returned to Port Harcourt because the next day was Broken Wall Healing School and I had to be there. That Sunday morning, I noticed some bleeding again but I ignored it as a mirage and mocked the Devil with the Word of God. So when at the end of the message Pastor Charles called out for a woman who was bleeding, I did not lift my hand because though I was bleeding, I knew I had been healed. I simply sowed a thanksgiving seed for my healing and by evening, there was no single drop of blood on my pant as I had gone a step further to remove the pad I had on. That is how I was healed of four months of issue of blood.

When my period started again, the Devil tried to tell me that it would continue the way the past months had but again, I mocked the fool with all the witnesses I had, and three days later it stopped normally.

I thank my Pastors for the Word they teach with such boldness, that I am able to look situations in the face and come out triumphant.

Thank you.

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