I Keyed into That Opportunity

I praise God for the surprise He sent my way. During the Thursday teaching service, Pastor Nkechi said that the entire offering for that day would be given to Pastor Sola and encouraged us to give. I did not have any reasonable cash on me that day. In fact, my account had gone into debit some days before. I did not want to give the N400 I had, because I felt it was too small. Since Pastor Nkechi emphasized that we should use this opportunity to bless Pastor Sola, I decided to make a pledge, hoping to get cash from somewhere at least something reasonable even though I did not have enough to last until end of month. I planned taking out some money from there and be a part of this blessing.

Guess what? By the next the day, my account was credited with some cash. I did not understand the purpose, but it came from my organisation. I was really surprised and happy because I remembered I had prayed earlier that week for God to send me money so I could pay off the pledges I had made rather than waiting till the end of the month. God answered my prayer and sent me the money that was sufficient to take me through the month and also pay off some pending pledges that were overdue as well as Pastor Sola’s. I thank God I keyed into that opportunity of sowing by faith that day.

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