I do not know where I would have been without Him.

I resigned from my job due to some mistakes I made in a company’s financial account for a particular year. The company’s auditor gave my boss a condition to either retain me at his detriment or send me away. Professionally, the auditor had no right to decide who can work in the company as the accountant, so I resigned. When I submitted my resignation letter, I felt as though a heavy load was taken off my shoulders and I had peace in my heart that it was for my lifting.

One Sunday morning before leaving home for church, I just knew there would be a word for me so I prepared my heart to receive. During the service, Pastor Nkechi gave a word of knowledge that someone lost her job but she did not know how it happened. She also said that person would get another job better than the former. She gave an example that if the former job was like a level 7 job, the one in view would be a level 9 job. I immediately knew it was for me, so, I praised God for His faithfulness.

I got a call from the Managing Director of a company to come for an interview within that month but all we talked about on getting there were the terms of the job. The man said they needed my services because they believe I could handle the job. The salary, working conditions and environment were far better than my previous job, and I am enjoying it. I give God the praise and honour due Him. I do not know where I would have been without Him.

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