I Am The Healed And Favoured

I am the healed and favoured and my testimony is that I have a good Father in heaven Who loves me very much. Also, the Word that comes forth from TCC and our mouths are Spirit and life.

On the 23rd of September 2019, I went on a journey that I had severally embarked on. Due to the poor road condition, I switched from driving myself to boarding public transportation. Being a day’s trip, I carried no bag, wore a pair of jean trousers and a T-shirt. In my hands were my phones and a notebook, with my glasses hanging on my neck. As always, I sat in the front passenger seat of the first vehicle boarding at that time so I could return early. As we started our journey, we encountered traffic and had to divert to the Eneka-Igwuruta road. At this point, I fell asleep. When travelling on long journeys, I usually boarded comfortable air-conditioned vehicles, and I slept too. However, this vehicle was neither comfortable nor air-conditioned. I woke up to people carrying me into another vehicle and immediately, I realized that I couldn’t move my right leg. I moved my right foot and it responded. At that, I concluded my right leg was whole and complete. I was fully conscious and alert to recognize the location of the incident as Obinze which was a few minutes away from Owerri. I overheard the police officer accompanying the vehicle to the hospital say that we were involved in an accident; a head-on collision. This meant I had been in a long unbroken and restful sleep, because I didn’t wake up to the numerous gallops, the police checkpoints on the road, and the impact or the screams that must have accompanied it. Indeed, God gives His beloved rest in the midst of the storm. Like Jesus my Saviour, I slept peacefully whilst the storm raged around me. I also realized that my phones were still in my hands. This was, to me, a miracle because when we sleep, we lose grip of whatever we had in our hands but my phones did not drop out of my hands. They did not drop during the impact and were not removed while I was being moved. However, I lost my notebook, and my glasses that hung around my neck were returned to me mangled and crushed.

Less than five minutes after being admitted in an hospital in Obinze, the MD of the company I work for called. This was not something he usually does. I explained my situation and he immediately authorized the company HSE officer to transport me back to Port Harcourt via an ambulance. Shortly after this, my wife called saying she had been notified by RTC (Rivers Transport Company) that I was involved in an accident. I also called a fellow leader in TC Cubs, sent a text message to a young friend who was close by at FUTO to come to the hospital, and was able to give proper directions to the driver of the ambulance who was sent by my MD to the hospital where I was. All of these would have been a herculean task without my phones. In my heart, I knew God had wrought an awesome miracle for me. Therefore, my life, healing my fractured or broken leg would be no big deal for Him. When Pastor Kech and Pastor Sola called to pray with me while in the ambulance back to Port Harcourt, I was so sure that my bone would heal and be restored like that of a child and it would be stronger and better than before. This became my confession. Starting from the journey back to Port Harcourt, I would put my hands on my thigh and declare these words to it.

On arrival to Port Harcourt, I was admitted into one of the hospitals retained by our company. The next day, an x-ray was carried out and it showed I had multiple fractures, splintered in four places at the upper part of the thigh bone close to the neck and head, which sockets into the hip bone. Surgery was the only option. Though I was in a non-orthopaedic hospital, Pastor Nkechi advised and I agreed with her that I needed to be transferred as quickly as possible to an orthopaedic hospital. She asked Professor Ene to call me and also asked that I call a sister in church who had a similar experience for information. With this, I insisted on being moved to the hospital highly recommended by Professor Ene. The MD of the company I work for backed my decision fully. At the new hospital, my leg was immediately put in a weighted sling and a date for surgery was fixed. All pre-surgery tests were carried out and my vital signs checked regularly. All showed normal. This was a Word that I had held on to for more than 20 years since my early days in church: to live in health by faith. In the period leading up to the surgery, Pastor Nkechi came visiting and broke bread with me. She also sent me Scriptures to read and to make my faith declarations.

The day for the surgery arrived, and the type and mode of anaesthesia and the surgical procedure were explained to me. A metal plate would be screwed into the bone to allow it to heal. Yes, healing is of God. There was NO FEAR HERE but for some unexplained reason, on being wheeled into the theatre, I suddenly began to shiver uncontrollably to the extent that my teeth started chattering. The air-conditioners were turned off and an extra blanket was used to cover me. Inside of me, I knew God had this covered. I was awake throughout the ten-hour surgery, and every time I was asked how I was, my answer was the same, “I am fine”.

With the surgery done or so I thought, I looked forward with great expectations to the removal of the stitches and full recovery. A check x-ray was carried out a few days later and the consultant came with the result and to make his observations. First, he said, considering my thigh muscles, the impact that caused the fracture must have been great. He then said that even though the surgery was satisfactory, it didn’t quite meet the level they wanted. I may have to undergo a second surgery because the key screw that was to follow the force line to support my weight in a standing position was not quite right in length to do the job. For the first time, my spirit dropped. Going into the theatre for another ten hours was not something I wanted. Even the words of the consultant that it would be different; not as long or intense as the one I had just undergone did not lift my spirit, but then, a Scripture Pastor Nkechi had sent to me came to mind:

“The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

(Isaiah 58:11 (NKJV).

This reminded me that I had Jehovah Shalom, the Lord my peace. So, I went into this second surgery about twelve days after the first, and true to the consultant’s words, it was different. I felt the sting and the pain of the scrubbing with the antiseptic being used. I heard the sound and felt the drill used to screw the metal plate into my bone. The promised short surgery became another ten hours and at post-surgery, I was transfused with two pints of blood. In all, God gave me so much peace that even before the check x-ray revealed that the surgery was a hundred percent successful, I knew this was it. Fourteen days went by and the wound healed nicely like that of a child as were my declarations of faith. The stitches were removed and physiotherapy necessary for me to walk again began with a guided attempt to stand upright for ten minutes. With all the will power I could muster, at four minutes I was nearly falling just barely making seven minutes plus before sitting down.

This phase of rehabilitation progressed rapidly until the enemy – the devil decided to set an ambush. Twenty-one days after surgery, I woke up with intense pain in my chest. Every breath I took was painful. The consultant was called and I could see the apprehension on the faces of all members of the medical team. In a well air-conditioned room, I was sweating profusely due to the pain I felt. A doctor was deployed to my bedside full time. My vital signs were checked every twenty to thirty minutes. I was put on oxygen and all visitors were banned from visiting me. I didn’t know what was happening to me, I only knew that this was from the pit of hell and continued to confess my Psalm 91, especially verse 3a which says:

“He Will Rescue You From Every Hidden Trap Of The Enemy”

Psalm 92:3a (The Passion Translation)

Pulmonary embolism; a major killer in orthopaedic surgical cases was the ambush (trap) set by the enemy for me: it is the blockage of one or more arteries in the lungs by blood clots. This was unexpected as the post-surgical treatment prescribed. I had been given blood thinners, both injections and orally. In addition to this, I had become active, which were both inhibitions to blood clotting. With this, the regime of blood thinners increased and my stomach became a playground for injections. I spent over two months in the hospital, most of it lying in bed unable to do even the simplest of things.

The love and care I received could only have been of God. Apart from my immediate family: my wife and children, who became fellow inhabitants in the hospital taking care of my personal needs, Pastor Nkechi visited, called severally, texted messages, sent prayers for and with me, giving me words of encouragements and faith extenders, even to catering to my feeding.

Pastor Sola, the superintendents: Brother Emeka, Mr. Chibuisi and Barrister Chiabu, Pastor Tayo and the other assistant Pastors, TC Cubs teachers, the Church Project team, FOG members, and brethren were also there for me.

Prof. Ene monitored my progress from start to finish, my MD, managers, and colleagues in the office, family and friends, all visited, called, prayed and provided in one way or another.

Where do I start from? God showed me unusual favours and provision: Two sisters in TC Cubs ensured that for every day I stayed in the hospital, I had a cooked meal to eat. A young man at the office ran all kinds of errands for me. He became my driver cum valet even till long after my discharge from the hospital at no cost or pay. I am a contract staff in my company. In essence, this means that my salary is on pro-rata. For any working day I don’t show up in the office, I don’t get paid. Plus, I am to take care of all my medical bills. However, in all the time I was off work; from October to December, I received my full salary. In addition to this, the company paid up my entire hospital bills. I was given the freedom to choose my resumption date. In fact, everyone was surprised to see me resume in January, but as one who confessed to being healed, I had to walk in faith in that line. Even with the hospital bill, God came through as the magnitude of it was staggering and there was a push for a reduction. I remember that in the midst of this, Pastor called and I mentioned this to her. Her question was simple, “What do you want?” I told her what I wanted and we agreed it was done. I was later informed that I had got a fifteen percent reduction. The consultant told me that they mostly did five percent and once ten percent but never fifteen percent. This was confirmed by one of the doctors. I received credit alerts from different sources including from a client who I had not spoken to or seen in years.

Now, as I look back, I ask, “What did the enemy seek to do?” To deprive my family of a husband and father. For over twenty-seven years, I have jumped, danced, blown my trumpet, and marched in the Lord’s army, teaching our children in TC Cubs. Ahh! Yes! More children are coming forth from this congregation to teach! I have jumped into the foundation trenches, walked on the DPC, climbed the galleries and scaffolds, walked on the roof beams, even taking a selfie up there promising myself that I would yet climb the shoring towers into the roof structure and walk upon the roof as I declared every Sunday to contribute to, and see myself worshipping and praising God in our auditorium. I haven’t exhausted nor become tired of exhibiting the ideas and talent that God has given me to fulfil my purpose.

To the enemy, I say I haven’t finished my race. I still have a long way to go. You sought my life and tried to inhibit me, but God gave me a testimony.

“I tell you this timeless truth: the person who follows Me in faith, believing in Me, will do the same mighty miracles that I do – even greater miracles than these because I go to be with My Father. For I will do whatever you ask Me to do when you ask in My Name. And that is how the Son will show what the Father is really like and bring glory to Him. Ask me anything in My Name and I will do it for you.”

John 14:12-14 (The Passion Translation)

And yes, I asked and He performed His Word. My consultant said this when he looked at my x-ray film in late February, “Your bone is healing like that of a child”. Yes, I stand here today as a confirmation of this Word. Thanks.

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