I Am Relevant In His Scheme Of Things

My last job was exactly ten years by March 2020 and in those years, I searched for a job that was worth my time, while rejecting certain opportunities that seemed more natural. It was a ten-year period where God taught me a lot of lessons about life.

I am particularly grateful for a meeting I had with Pastor Nkechi Ene. In that meeting, I learnt how to rate issues on their scale of importance. I had become quite choosy about what offends me. I learnt to ignore a lot of things that otherwise would infuriate me and bring about friction in my relationship with other people. As a result, my family, my husband especially, now enjoys a better mother and wife.

I had mentioned to an old friend that I wanted an administrative job. She asked me to forward my CV to her organization which I did. In March, while away for my mother-in-law’s burial, I missed some calls from unknown numbers which I couldn’t return immediately due to the many activities that usually accompany burials. A few days later, I returned some of those calls and was asked to appear on a certain date with copies of my certificates at a hospital. That was it. I got disturbed when I discovered it was from a Federal Government-owned hospital. I hold a degree in Theatre Arts, though my last job was administrative in nature. I kept wondering how an Art’s degree holder would fit into that organization. My husband joked that they would have to create a position for me if need be and that was exactly what happened. Also, my decision not to falsify my age and anything in my documents earned me the respect of my employers. While some degree holders were offered positions that required only School Certificate, I got employed as a senior staff.

I was given a job that fits like a glove with my personality. The lessons I learnt under Pastor Nkechi came in handy quite often. I have been getting recommendations every other month from my department and the department where I am posted. Normally, we are posted to a new department every two months, but the department where I was initially posted refused to release me, citing that they have not had it this good in a very long while. I am gradually being moved into supervisory roles, all within eight months of working there.

Knowing the way I used to be, I dare to say that some of these things wouldn’t have been possible if not for that life-defining meeting with Pastor Kech. I had learnt a long time ago to sow seeds into the life of the people God put over me. My harvest came in the form of one word of advice from my pastor which has, as it were, transformed my life. I am a better person today. I have a job that fits me. I get a lot of testimonies from people on how my work touched their lives. My husband is happy that I have finally got the kind of job he has preached to me about for ten years. I am fulfilled knowing that God never abandoned me and that I am relevant in His scheme of things.

God takes all the glory for what He has done in and for me. Thank you, Pastor Kech, for that meeting and the way you keep pouring yourself into this ministry. God who called you will reward you richly. Thank you all.

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