His Word Was Proven in My Case

Sometime ago, my husband and I set out for a visit to the cybercafe to submit an assignment online. I was prompted to take a change of clothing for my baby without knowing why. At the cafe, I stepped out to get snacks while my husband worked on the assignment.

It rained heavily that day and the roads were flooded, so I tried to find a good spot to place my foot as I walked back to the cafe. I dropped my foot on a place but it was a gutter, and my son and I went under, completely submerged. I heard a voice inside telling me to push up my son, which I did.

A bike man just dropped a policewoman off on the same spot as we were, and she reached out for my son. Then some people came and brought me out too. It felt like a dream! I then checked and found that my son did not swallow the water, but was only shivering. After changing his clothes in the car, I returned to the cafe and narrated the incident to my husband and we thanked God for the deliverance.

Unknown to me, a word of knowledge had gone out three months before now about angelic visitation and intervention in a message series Pastor Nkechi took that year. I wasn’t in church that day. As I listened to the message, I thanked God because His Word was proven in my case.

Praise God!

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