He Met And Exceeded My Expectations

In October 2015 after I finished my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I enrolled for a Post Graduate Diploma in Education with the National Teachers Institute. Prior to the exams, there were talks all over the place that one could not pass the exams without cheating and giving verbatim what was written in the modules for each course since the exams were not marked by our facilitators but by some lecturers in Kaduna. I refuted those talks and said to myself that I will never engage in such and that if as teachers, we indulge in malpractice, what then are we trying to teach our students and what is the future of our National Educational Sector? I wrote my exams without cheating. After I finished the program, our results were withheld for one year and this delayed my application for my M.Ed (Masters in Education). During the seed week in 2017, Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.) gave a prophesy and declared that we should set our expectations high, that it can never be cut short, rather, it will be far exceeded. Immediately, I had a leading in my spirit to sow a seed and receive that Word.
After the prayer service, I told my then fiancé of this leading I had within me and he said he felt the same way and we decided to sow not just for the expectation of my results being released, but also for some bottlenecks in our relationship which we were facing at that time to be cleared. We got some scriptures and prayed together for a while, declaring God’s Word over these situations. Two scriptures we stood on were Proverbs 21:1 and Psalm 5:12. Two weeks after the seed week, I got a call from my course rep that our first semester results had been released. I went the next day to check my results with so much expectation and behold, not only were my expectations met, they were exceeded. My results were not just good, they were perfect. I had a CGPA of 4.52. Two days later, the second-semester results were also released and I had a CGPA of 4.23.
Also, the bottlenecks we had in our relationship, which seemed almost impossible, were totally cleared. We are so full of joy that we have kept on praising this more than enough God. Indeed, He has blessed me so abundantly this year. Also, the home tutoring agency, which I run has been doing so well, many students have been added to us. It has truly been a year of our Abundant Resources. Praise be to God.

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