God’s Word Won’t Return Void

Some time ago, sleeping with a pillow was a challenge, due to neck pain. This compelled me to keep my head straight and not look down. Thereafter, sleeping had become a real problem. I started confessing the healing Scriptures that came to my mind.

On Sunday, I picked myself to church believing I would be healed. At the end of the message, the man of God started praying and specifically mentioned a case of recurrent neck pain. I knew I was the one. I stood up and after the prayer I felt a little relieved, but the pain was still there. I decided to ignore the pain believing that it was a sign that God had started the healing process. During praise that day, I danced, celebrating my healing with an assurance that God’s Word won’t return void. I kept telling my neck that the prophet had spoken and I’m healed. By evening that same day, the pain had disappeared and I could bend and turn my neck in any direction. The Word works!

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