God is Faithful Indeed. Depend Upon Him and He Will not Fail You.

I left my parents at the age of twelve. I would often wonder how I would make it through life with neither parents nor relations. I wondered too if I will ever go to school. “What will become of me? Will I ever make it in life?” All these thoughts and many more bothered me during my teenage years. I made up my mind to hand over all of my worries to God. I only got to know about purpose when I got to The Carpenter’s Church in 1996. Ever since then my trust in God has gotten stronger. With the undiluted Word of God, my life got brighter with the help of God and much determination on my side, I got admission to study management at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. This was supposed to be a five-year programme, however, it lasted for nine years. Against all odds, I graduated. God himself saw me through.

Today I am married, I have my own business. I even employ the services of others, all because I was rightly located and keyed into the teaching of purpose as is been taught from this pulpit. During our year of unusual strength, I keyed into the prophetic word for that season. Unusual things happened to me as it could only be unusual strength that gave me the victories I experienced. In 2014 I was “dead” financially and even in my health, but the unusual strength of resurrection power gave me the victory.

In the midst of lack, confusion and trouble on every side, I learnt never to put hope on a man, but in the rhema word and to act upon it. I sought for and received counsel also from my pastors. Messages on giving were recommended. I took advantage of every opportunity in spite of all the odds from having to trek to church for my departmental meetings, challenges with house rent, children’s school fees. In fact, assuming my responsibility as the head of the family, which was a challenge, was sorted out by simply heeding to the divine instruction to give of my substance.

I waited for my harvest; it wasn’t immediate, but it came. One job came through; then another and about five different jobs within a space of three months. I achieved what I couldn’t achieve within a short time. In one year, I could pay up my children’s fees, rent, and other debts. To crown it all, I also got a good paying job, and with that job came a car.

God is faithful indeed. Depend upon Him and He will not fail you. Study the Word, pray, and above all do whatever He instructs you to do and your victory is sure.

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