17 By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac, and he who had received the promises offered up his only begotten son.

Hebrews 11:17

When you are receiving in the supernatural you are operating far ahead of your circumstances. You are operating far above your situations. That is why no situation can hold you down when you are living by faith. Like Abraham, God may be telling you offer up your “Isaac.” Your “Isaac” may be your time, your salary, your savings, your property – whatever is precious to you. If you already know you are blessed and you are going to be the “father of many nations” through your “Isaac,” you can willingly offer up your “Isaac” in obedience.

You may be working in a company where you are being compromised and implicated. Or maybe you are being cheated continually, or being given a bad name – what do you do? Stay on in fear? Well, by faith, if you know that God has prospered you, you know that God has met your needs, you know that you will never lack, then you won’t have a problem in such a circumstance resigning your job and walking away. Why? You know that God has provided all your needs. You have received that provision by faith – with or without that particular job. When you can receive in the supernatural you are far ahead of this natural world. You are above the natural realm. When you have received your healing in the supernatural, the symptoms in your body pale into insignificance. All it takes for you to walk through the shaking, sweating or whatever symptoms you may face, is knowing by revelation that you have received your healing.

Your faith receives in the supernatural, before you have it in the natural. There will be no encouragement from anything in the natural for you to receive it. In fact, all you will see will be discouraging. When you receive by faith, it will be evident in what you say and by what you do- even against all odds.

Lord, whenever I need to give an “Isaac” in my life, I will gladly let it go for You. I trust You and I trust Your Word and so I have no fear here.

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