All The Twenty-Eight Samples Reported Negative For Cancer

Sometime in 2014 my friend told me that she was scheduled to see a visiting medical consultant following a hard and slightly painful lump she noticed on her right breast. According to her, she was uncomfortable with the lump being there, and after discussions with her husband, they had agreed to see a specialist. Some few weeks later, she was at the hospital to take away the non-malignant lump. Shortly after, the sample was sent out for a biopsy. She called me some days later to say the result wasn’t too good and that she had been referred to see a doctor abroad.

She went to the UK for a lumpectomy, which was meant to address the issue. After a successful session, she came back to Nigeria. Her results were forwarded for review with samples tested. Initially, the hospital gave her a clean bill of health, but the latest checks revealed that there was something not quite accurate with the previous test results. She was told the lump was cancerous and she needed to act fast. She came to my office broken and after persuading her to say what it was, she told me in detail what had been happening and how she was diagnosed of a stage-2 breast cancer. All I could say to calm her down a bit was, “This is just a test report by a human doctor. There is a Superior Doctor whose report supersedes this one.” She was in and out of the hospital and by December 2015, she had had the first and second lumpectomies.

A few weeks later she informed me that they had agreed she should go and see a specialist in the US. She had her family members in the US help her get an appointment with a specialist. She traveled about midyear 2016 to the US for further treatments. This time, the diagnosis revealed advanced stage-3 cancer. She was subjected to chemotherapy and radiographic treatments immediately. The treatment was quite unpleasant and a bit too intense for her. After the treatments, she would be knocked out for a few days, unable to talk, generally feeling weak and would require blood transfusions. This went on for about five months. Each time I spoke with her or saw her pictures with her hair all gone, I felt more disturbed than relieved. I decided to minimize contact, primarily to preserve my faith and keep the focus on her restoration.

During the Healing Service of November 2016, Pastor Nkechi ministered with an unusual and unique anointing that day. While she was calling out cases through the word of knowledge and praying for them, I heard her say, “Somebody has been diagnosed with a tumor, where are you? God told me about you. I believe you have even been told it is a cancerous tumor.” I held my breath for one minute, like did God really say a cancerous tumor? Yes, that’s my friend’s case and God wanted to save her! Pastor cursed the tumor and killed the cancer from the root. She asked the person to forget all the reasons she was told the tumor was there in the first place and commanded the tumor to die and dematerialize in Jesus’ name! By this time, I was crying, just amazed at God’s goodness.

Later that night, I called my friend. As soon as she heard my voice, she started crying. The oncologist had invited her to discuss the report from the mammogram and told her there were still traces of cancer on the breast. He said that for some strange reasons, the cancerous tissue was now spreading beyond the breast region. I told her about the service and the specific word God gave to kill the tumor from the root. I reminded her of how God gave her, her miracle triplets some years ago and that same God wasn’t about abandoning her. Finally, though the YouTube link hadn’t been uploaded yet, I found a link to the service on the TCC Facebook page and sent it to her to watch for herself.

On Saturday, I noticed my friend tried chatting with me online. I called her on Wednesday and heard a loud scream. While still trying to make sense out of the sounds I was hearing and confirm I was calling the right number, she yelled at me some more. This time, it wasn’t a sad, sorrowful scream but a shout of joy. There was so much life in her voice. She said, “You can’t believe it.” (At that point, I could believe just anything.) She said she listened to the message The Healing Miracles of Jesus (Part 18) and though it was a recorded sermon, when Pastor gave the word on someone diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, she stood up in her room and received her healing. Subsequently, she listened to the other messages in the series. While listening to one of the messages, Pastor said, “When you speak to your body with the undiluted Word of God, expect it to respond.” She obeyed and spoke to her body declaring her healing in faith. As advised, she listened to these messages repeatedly. She had to undergo a procedure for further tests based on the doctor’s diagnosis of a spreading cancer.

When she went for reviewing the result of the biopsy, the oncologist handling her case said, “It looks good.” She didn’t understand what she was saying and was wondering why she was telling her she looked “good” when she had no hair on her head. With a smile, she said, “Your result came out clean. This is the most surprising result I’ve ever seen, it’s nothing short of a miracle.” Apparently, they had obtained twenty-eight different tissue samples for tests and all the twenty-eight samples reported negative for cancer! This was the most rewarding and inspiring phone conversation I had had with my friend in the last eight months! I could not contain my joy. I am amazed at God. I am amazed at His goodness. I am amazed at His love. He is a good, good Father. Hallelujah!

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