We Thanked God

I want to thank God for the way He showed Himself strong on behalf of my family. My wife was robbed of our car at gunpoint, in Port Harcourt at about 1:30 p.m. by two men. She was about to visit a friend that just moved into a new apartment with her younger sister, the friend, and our four-month old baby. They stopped her as she was entering the compound and took everything she had on her and from those with her. Truly, God was there the whole time. He gave my wife peace in the storm and she was not afraid. Even more was the fact that our baby was soundly sleeping while it happened.

We thanked God for His protection because they were not harmed in anyway, claimed recovery of the car and declared peace – nothing missing, nothing broken. We agreed that God would rebuke the devourer for our sakes because we are tithers, and declared continuously that this is “Our year of better things,” and that we would not lose anything, nor would we doubt the Word of God. We reported the incidence to the Police, and the car was recovered exactly one week from when it was stolen. Nothing was missing and nothing was broken.

We thank our pastors for their teachings that kept us through this. To God be the praise and glory!

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