17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues.

Mark 16:17

Power alone will do us no good except we have the authority to use the power. We have also become partakers of Christ’s authority. When the enemy comes against you, exercise your authority and use the Name of Jesus. Everything that God is, every form of the power of God, and all that the throne of God represents, are invested in the Name of Jesus.

There is a doctor in our congregation who suffered from acute asthmatic attacks for many years. There were times it was so bad that he couldn’t do much for himself; even taking a bath was like a nightmare. Through it all, he stayed focused on the Word, faithfully attending Broken Wall Healing School and constantly listening to the Healing School messages. He also developed a healthy habit of taking communion. This was how he built his faith over the years.

One day, in May, 2007, he met with Pastor Nkechi with a seed offering to release his faith and she agreed with him in prayer in the Name of Jesus declaring that his healing from asthma would be permanent. Incidentally he was having an attack even while she was praying! However, he stood firm in the authority he has in the Name of Jesus. The following day, all the symptoms disappeared! The following week though, the attack came back severely and before he could become discouraged, his wife (also a medical doctor) encouraged him with the Word of God and reminded him that the return of the symptoms was just an attempt by the Devil to steal from him what God had done already. He kept his confession of faith, still thanking God for a permanent healing from asthma.

While working on a field location, he continued his daily communion. One day, while in prayer, this dear faithful brother “felt something leave his body!” In his own words he testified, “I can’t describe it, but from then till date, I’ve had no asthmatic attacks. I can now do things I couldn’t do before, without being breathless. I can do aerobic exercises; I can lift weights and so much more! May Almighty God be praised forever!”

Friend, there is power available to all of us because God has no favourite children. It is for as many as will take Him at His Word.

I have become a partaker of Christ’s authority. I have authority to make use of the tremendous power available to me.God has filled me with His power. I look inward and I draw on His ability.

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