This Kind of a Miracle

We had just come back from church on Easter Sunday when robbers came to my house. My children had traveled on holidays, my husband had gone to work and I was at home with my sister-in-law.

As I was watching television, there was a power cut and the weather was very hot, so I decided to visit a sister. Before leaving, I asked my sister in law to peel five of the coconuts, which my mother-in-law had given me. When I got to the sister’s house, I was told she had traveled, so I returned home at about 6:pm. As I drove in, my sister-in-law told me that robbers came to the house. I could not imagine how she could be in the house and thieves would enter in broad daylight.

I went straight into my room, because there was some money I had kept under the wardrobe. I noticed that the whole room was ransacked, and things were scattered every way. When I raised the paper that was on top of the money, I saw the money was intact. I went into the parlor and saw that my television was already in the corridor with the stabilizer, my only box of wrappers was also in the parlor, and there was a traveling bag with my video machine inside it. Then my nephew’s television and his video, which he had just bought, were also packed in a bag.

In spite of the fact that they packed everything, nothing left the house. I said, “God have I done so much to deserve this kind of a miracle?” I asked my sister-in-law what happened and she said she was breaking the coconut behind the house and later went in to get water, when she saw that everything was in disarray. She ran out and shouted and the neighbors came in. Nobody saw the thieves, but we all saw the blocks they had arranged beside the fence to jump over. What happened was between God and them. God just set confusion and they ran away without taking a pin from my house.

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