17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

James 1:17

God is sovereign and He uses His sovereignty the way He likes. He detests evil and has no part in it, so He can only use His sovereignty for good. Again, God is good and He uses His sovereignty only for good.

What religion wants to teach you about God’s sovereignty is that God is schizophrenic; He does good today and does evil the next day; He rescues you from death today and then He sets your house on fire the next day. What a schizophrenic picture of God that would be! I don’t want to serve a God that I have to wake up every morning trembling, wondering if the day is a good or a bad day for Him. I am confident because I know that my good God is on my side.

When you know that God is totally good it will become completely abnormal to you as a believer, to pray for God to kill your enemy. That is why it is obvious that all these “churches” that pray, “Lord, kill my enemies, judge them, and destroy them by fire,” do not know the God they are talking about. God would rather send someone to preach the good news to your enemy, and get them saved, than kill them. That is the God that we serve. That is how the sovereignty of God will be displayed on those you see as your enemies. His sovereignty will radiate His goodness and mercy, much to your chagrin.

God cannot act contrary to His character and do evil. Evil includes killing somebody. God will never be part of that. Instead, He is looking for an evangelist, or a believer who will carry the gospel to them to get them saved, whether you think it is fair or not. God has a right to be good to you as well as to your enemy.

God is totally good all the time. He is the Father of light, and only good and perfect gifts can come from Him.

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