15 “Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own things? Or is your eye evil because I am good?”

Matthew 20:15

The favour of God will make the difference in your life. Be expectant because God can make the last to be the first and the first to be the last. Pastor Charles left the north of Nigeria and came to Port Harcourt, a city he had not lived in before and started a church in a nursery classroom. One prominent man of God with a big church came to him and said, “Charlie, it looks like your church is full of children,” but Pastor Charles replied, “The children will grow.” I know those children and I can call them by name. Today, they have all grown and become big executives with houses, cars, wives, husbands, and children. Now it seems that the last is no longer last.

If you go to a Christian programme, most times, all the ministers with big titles are ranked highly because of their titles. Other men of God like Pastor Charles are put last because they just go by the title “Pastor.” However, when God is ranking, He doesn’t use the criteria we use. The Bible says that the landowner went out on his own initiative. In the same way, God said to Pastor Charles, “Go and buy those 40 plots of land” and he did. Then He said, “Go and buy 200 plots of land,” and he went and bought the land. Then God said, “Break ground and build the kind of building people have not seen before in this part of the world.” He got up quietly, and broke ground and began to build; and God has only just begun. Thank God for the difference that favour makes.

When the favour and the sovereignty of God visit His people, He crowns them with good and He starts from the last. You should always strive
for excellence in your studies, but God’s favour and sovereignty have nothing to do with what degree you made. You say, “But I made a third class degree.” Numbers and grades do not define you. Can you dare to believe that? Enjoy the display of His favour towards you. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s not your fault; it is your Father who has given His favour to you. All you have to do is maximize what He has given you and open your hands and make space to receive more. It is with pleasure from your good Father.


Father, I thank You for the difference Your favour makes in my life. I receive Your favour towards me and I make space to receive so much more!

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