Seizing the Moment

During the series Seizing the Moment, Pastor Nkechi made mention of pulling a joker. I knew exactly what it meant because I used to play cards very well. I heard clearly, “give five thousand naira to the man of God (Pastor Nkechi).” I wondered what she was going to do with ordinary five thousand naira. Meanwhile, I had wanted to buy a gift for a friend out of the money I was expecting the coming week. The next Sunday I put the five thousand naira alongside my tithe. A thought came to me that I could use the money as part of my pledge instead of just giving it out, but I thank God I didn't yield to that thought.

The next morning I went to a family friend I did a job for. Though I was not supposed to be paid having not completed the job, I was paid. While counting the money, somebody called me from out of town and asked me to wait for me. He had seen a job I did for somebody and collected my number from the person. He came and we discussed terms together. He gave me a job of almost ₦40,000.00 and paid me ₦20,000.00 instantly. I couldn't help but start thanking God because I didn't know how I was going to survive that week. Glory to God forever

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