23 “Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; and to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God.”

Psalm 50:23

Thanksgiving serves as an avenue to give thanks to God for what He has done, and it is a way of opening doors for the days ahead. Thanksgiving is an act of faith. Can you thank God with your resources? Can you give Him your landed property or the key of your car or your house? Is it possible that God could ask you to build a house and hand it over to Him? Is it possible? It sure is. When you jump in church during praise and sing: “All things are possible!” It applies to what you can receive from God and what you can give to God! Giving things of this nature, to God, has never crossed the minds of most Christians. This is probably due to the rampant abuse of financial principles in the Body of Christ. Always remember that there is a normal use for things that are abused.

There are certain limits we put on what we give. If you want to put a limit to what you can give to God, then ask yourself whether God has ever put a limit to the kind of diseases He can heal you of. Does He say, “I can heal you of this, but this one I cannot?” No, He doesn’t, and He never will. There is a sister in our church who gave all she had, but within a year, she became a millionaire because she got a new job. At the time of her employment, her total salary came to about two million Naira.

Before the new job, all she had was five thousand Naira – about fifty US Dollars at the time. She removed two thousand Naira for her tithe and something. She gave an amount to the church and the remaining amount she gave to Pastor Nkechi and I. The note attached to it, read: “Pastors, it is with great tears that I write this, this is my life savings…”As decent, caring pastors, on reading the note, we were tempted to say, “Lord, are we thieves, why should we take her life savings?” If Jesus was not a thief to receive from those women, then His servants are not thieves to receive from His people, who are giving by revelation, of their own free will. That young lady got three employment letters with- in a year and she accepted one. Then, she requested for counseling on “budgeting!” What do you think triggered that miracle for her? It was her lifestyle of giving and her sacrificial offering the previous year. God saw her heart and rewarded her.

As I minister to God with my thanksgiving, it opens doors for me in my future.

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