I Rejoiced In The Lord For Those Words

E. O.

For some unclear reason, my niece wandered away from the loving care of her parents. I say unclear reason because her parents were loving and believers too. Her dad is a medical doctor and the mum was a lawyer, and they gave her the best any child her age could desire. She was sent to the best Christian schools (nursery, primary and secondary) in Port Harcourt, Rivers Stat. . . Read More



He Dwells Inside Me, So I Have Dominion Over Every Situation

D. N. B.

The Word of God is living and it works. In 2017, a week into my 10th birthday, which was in May, my health was challenged. So, for two weeks plus, I stayed at home. My mum bought medications since the test we ran showed it was malaria. That was when I realized that there was a pattern because I heard my mum say, “Father, I want this pattern to stop, we don’t want to sp. . . Read More



My God, Your God Has Done It Again

T. E.

My God, your God has done it again after He healed me of a mumu disease that would have taken my life.

On October 28, 2019, after I had closed from work, a stray bullet pierced through the roof and the ceiling of my office and hit my radio and my computer table, which was very close to my office chair and table.

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It Was God’s Enablement And Favour All Through

P. I

I want to particularly appreciate God for His faithfulness on the successful completion of my academic programme. It was God's enablement and favour all through. There were five major defences in the course of my Ph.D.programme, and each had a panel of examiners. The first two stages were successfully done against all odds, as some Nigerian university professors will want . . . Read More



Jehovah Is Your Name, Mighty Warrior, Great In Battle

E. U

On the 5th of November 2019, on my way home from The Teaching Service, a colleague offered to drop me and another colleague off at Pepperoni Junction where I would board a vehicle home. I offered to buy us (my colleagues and I) suya because of a financial miracle that came to settle some bills. On getting to the suya spot, I suddenly lost appetite for suya. My colleague tr. . . Read More



His Word Sorted Out Everything Easily

V. N.

My testimony is centred on how God caused the light of His Word to shine in my life and in my friend's marital life.

A friend of mine ran to my house because of some marital issues. After narrating some of the things that had caused the misunderstandings with her husband, I asked her a question: “What is your plan now . . . Read More



Jesus Touched Me And Made Me Whole

C. O.

My testimony is that Jesus touched me and made me whole. Sometime this year, I started experiencing pain at the upper right side of my tummy. The first time I had such pain was after I gave birth, but it vanished over time. However, sometime in August 2019, I noticed one night as I woke up to use the convenience, a sharp pain hit me. I initially attributed it to the way I . . . Read More



He Made Us Sleep Well In The Middle Of Troubled Waters


God has been faithful to my family and me. His grace and favour towards us cannot be measured.

In 2019, when we got back to Port Harcourt, I bought the CD for the 31st Night Service. I played it for about six months, meditating on the prophecies and the prayer points we wrote down on paper as instructed by Pastor Nkechi. . . Read More



I Live Now In Divine Health

Q. A.

I suffered from stomach ulcer right from childhood and it grew worse as I got older. I remember once as a teenager I collapsed and was rushed to a private hospital, the doctor on duty that day administered the wrong medication to me thinking it was appendicitis. I was given two doses of injection that night, to complete the remaining dose the next day. This, the doctor exp. . . Read More



If He Gives A Promise, You Can Indeed Take It To The Bank

O. A.

In December 2017, we found out that we were expecting a baby. It was not something we expected but we embraced it and got excited. In February 2018, I experienced some spotting; so, I went for an ultrasound and the consultant told me I had a miscarriage. I sat there trying to wrap my head around what she said and I opened my Bible to the Scripture in Exodus 23:25 which say. . . Read More