When I Sow, He Gives Back Beyond My Dreams


After listening to the message, Seizing The Moment by Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.), I decided to do something I had never done before. I decided to add my own money to the amount my husband and I had agreed to give towards the budget pledge of that year.
I also decided to become a Freshdew Partner. I had thought that I needed to have a huge amount of money to be a partner. . . Read More



Indeed, It Pays To Serve God

P. B.

Some time ago, when I was to travel to Ebonyi State for fieldwork, I woke up that day, had my daily devotion, and had to pack my stuff ready for the trip. It was quite early, so it was still a bit dark in the room. I had brought out my knapsack to start packing when I noticed something curled up just where I had picked up the knapsack from. It looked like one of the design. . . Read More



God Gave Me Strength To Overcome Them

K. U. I.

I thank God for saving my life. I was on my way to the office, and on getting to Rumuola, I crossed over to the other side of the road to board a taxi to Stadium road.  A taxi with four passengers pulled up and I sat in front with another passenger, who was there already. Immediately the driver drove off, the man that was sitting beside me told the driver that the sea. . . Read More



He Preserved My Life When The Devil Tried To Take It Away

D. M. O.

I went to Lagos to submit my industrial attachment (IT) letter to a company. For me to get there, I had to take a taxi. As I got into the taxi a voice said to me, “You will die today”. I immediately replied and said, “I won't”, and I prayed about it. Just then I heard another voice that instructed me to move to the owner’s side of the car. So, I quickly did that. . . Read More



A Testimony Of Health Restoration

Martins Chukwuma

After my SSCE examination, I decided to go and stay in Lagos for my holiday. While I was there, my caring sister bought me some food supplements, which I started taking. While I was taking the drugs, my body system was normal. It wasn’t until the medication finished that I realized I couldn't breathe normally again. My sister quickly got some more and I started taking th. . . Read More



Behold, He Who keeps Israel Shall Neither Slumber Nor Sleep

B. F.

A few years ago, while my husband was away to Bayelsa for the burial arrangements of my father-in-law, I woke up at about 2:00 a.m. to use the restroom and also lead my sleepy sons, one on the bed with my daughter and I, and my first son who slept on a smaller foam beside my bed, to use the restroom as well. There was no power supply at that time, so I used the torchlight . . . Read More



God Has Taken Care Of My Situation

F. A.

Praise Jehovah God! Some time ago, I began to experience rashes all over the upper parts of my body - my back, neck, shoulders and breasts region.

I also noticed that I began to sweat almost all the time even when the weather was cold. Due to this, my body would itch and itch. It was very uncomfortable. I had taken medi. . . Read More



As I Acted On His Word, I Got My Healing Completely

O. R.

First, when I was admitted into the Scarlet Thread Home, I thought that I wouldn’t come out of menstrual cramps. Even when I came to the home, I had to come along with some pills and even thought of having some more when the one I had finished. This was to help alleviate the pains because that was how I had lived before.
I never had it in mind that ladies could live . . . Read More



His Dunamis Power Is At Work In Me

E. O.

I was abducted on the 3rd of January 2019. On that day, I paid a visit to a close friend of mine who lives at Elijiji Area in Woji Town. At about 7:30 p.m. that evening, we bought bread at a bakery in YKC area of Woji and on our way back, we stopped just two compounds away from her house to buy eggs. This was when an armed man with AK 47 intercepted me because I was the on. . . Read More



I Give God All The Praise,My Best Days Are Ahead

P. O. A.

I want to thank God for His partial and unmerited love for me. I came to Port Harcourt in 2003, after my senior secondary school exams in Imo State. I was born into a Catholic home, and not only that, my biological father was a catechist in the Roman Catholic Church! Growing up as a child, I detested going to church, because back then the church was nothing, but where chi. . . Read More