Thank You Lord For Miraculous Healing


I want to thank God for the miraculous healing I received through the mouth of Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.) as she gave a word of knowledge during the Keeping By The Holy Ghost Prayer Meeting of April 4th, 2020. I woke up at night with a terrible neck and left shoulder pain. I guessed it was because of the way I positioned my neck while I slept. I could bare. . . Read More



God Has Taken Care of This Situation Forever


I want to testify of what God did for me during the last healing service. In that service, I was healed of incontinence. I used to think that incontinence meant an adult urinating at night in bed like a child but I understood that anything bad is not from God no matter how innocent or unharming it may look. As long as it made you uncomfortable and unhappy, it is not from G. . . Read More



In God’s Hands, My Father Found Solace


On the eve of January 20th at about 9.00 p.m., I got a call from a friend. He asked, “How is your dad and when last did you talk or see him?” I replied saying we had spent part of the day together. He further asked that I should try to reach him. At this point, I was truly startled, having several worries which were invariably scary too. I made several attempts to call. . . Read More



He Is A Miracle Working God


Years ago, as I was planning for the year ahead, the Lord laid it in my heart to sow a seed of longevity into Pastor Nkechi’s life. This seed was on behalf of my mum, and I sowed it in January the following year.

Sometime in February, my husband called me from Lagos to inform me that my sixty-nine-year-old mother was i. . . Read More



I Am Healed, Glory Be To God


I used to have pains on my right leg, and I thought it was a minor thing because I felt it was not that serious. I took some pain relief medications and overlooked it. Somehow, I was still feeling the pain, but I prayed about it. Later, I noticed that the pain was still there, so I told my dad, who is a chemist and he prescribed some medicine for me. I took them and there . . . Read More



I do not know where I would have been without Him.


I resigned from my job due to some mistakes I made in a company’s financial account for a particular year. The company’s auditor gave my boss a condition to either retain me at his detriment or send me away. Professionally, the auditor had no right to decide who can work in the company as the accountant, so I resigned. When I submitted my resignation letter, I felt as . . . Read More



Money Cannot Buy What God has Done For Me

J. O.

Before the June 2018, Budget Pledge announcement for the July 2018 - June 2019 budget year, the Spirit of God spoke to me to give away about seventy percent of some substantial amount of money that I had been waiting for about four years. God asked me to give away the money towards the Auditorium Project. I had planned to use this money for my children’s future education. . . Read More



To The Glory Of God, I Was Acquitted And Discharged

Jonah Isaac

I am a commercial driver by profession. On the 23rd of April 2014, by 4:00 p.m., I visited the Elekahia police station to see a friend who is also a fellow commercial driver Mr Michael Kalu who was arrested and detained by the police for an offence unknown to me. On reaching there, I was immediately arrested and detained in the police station. Later, I was informed that Mi. . . Read More



The Devil Failed Woefully

C. E.

I was getting ready to watch a world cup match when my wife alerted me that her cooking gas had finished and that she wanted to use the camp gas she normally uses during emergencies, but she needed the burner changed as it was not burning well. I quickly rushed into the kitchen without noticing that the main gas cooker had not burnt out completely. I was also not expecting. . . Read More



Praise Be To God For Supernatural Healing

J. C. O.

I want to testify of God’s supernatural healing for my baby.

On a Saturday last year, I came back home from Ekklesia School of Local Church to find out that my baby, Nkechinyere, had a fever. So, I administered Paracetamol syrup to calm the fever. I woke up in the middle of the night to find out that her body temperatu. . . Read More