I Thank God For Directing My Steps To TCC

V. N.

My brother went missing for nine years; everybody in my family was full of panic as they went about searching for him. The information we had was that the ministry where he serves as an instrumentalist took him to Canada without a trace or contact address. For six years, I never prayed about his return or even joined in the search. The reason for this was because I was ang. . . Read More



I know where I stand In Christ


In 2018, while at school, I noticed some strange twitching in my hands and legs. I did not take it seriously. As time went on, these spams escalated into what the doctors later termed focal seizures. While lying down, my body will usually go into a mode where it will leave me semi-unconscious while it’s twitching, and I’ll have rolling eyes and a rapid heartbeat. One m. . . Read More



Shoulder Pains, Now A Thing of The Past

E. M.

For a while I struggled with shoulder pains. At some point I thought it was the way I slept, so I accepted it that way for about a week. I was uncomfortable when I woke up on Saturday morning of Keeping By The Holy Ghost Prayer Meeting, so I declared God’s Word concerning it during our morning devotion. As the word came forth during Keeping by The Holy Ghost. . . Read More



I Am The Healed And Favoured

I. A.

I am the healed and favoured and my testimony is that I have a good Father in heaven Who loves me very much. Also, the Word that comes forth from TCC and our mouths are Spirit and life.

On the 23rd of September 2019, I went on a journey that I had severally embarked on. Due to the poor road condition, I switched from dri. . . Read More



The Name of The Lord Is A Strong Tower


The Holy Spirit has consistently been on my matter ever since we became friends. Just like our pastor says, it is not a luxury to hear from God. Please be encouraged as I share of His divine presence in my world, He is simply amazing.

I woke up to notice a swelling on my upper pelvis early this year. I cursed it and. . . Read More



My Hallelujah Belongs To Jesus

P. O

Two years ago, due to lack of proper supervision at my business place, I lost everything I owned in my business. I was down to level zero. I was confused, hurting, angry and just desolate because I was way deep in debts.

I was kept only by God's mercy, grace and love from my immediate family and church family. I called o. . . Read More



He Gave Me A New Song

A. G

God is indeed my miracle worker. On Saturday, May 16, 2020, I woke up at about 6:30 a.m. to prepare for Praise and Worship Team recording for the eChurch. I decided to carry out my routine exercise of skipping before I take my bath when I noticed I couldn’t breathe properly after like ten skips. I usually would skip like a 100 or 150 most times I exercise. This was . . . Read More



Our God Loves Us So Much, I Am Living Proof

O. A.

My testimony is about how my Father constantly pampers me with His goodness upon my life.

Few years ago, I testified about how God, through my divine parents gave me an upgraded life and surprised me with an apartment. The apartment was super and I totally loved it. After two years of living there, I knew it was time to. . . Read More



Jehovah Brought A Better Reality

B. O.

My testimony is about a job favour I got in the season of manifestations. In times like these, my focus has remained on the Lord and by faith, I have always declared that even when others are cast down, I will always say that there is a lifting up for me and my household. That has been my experience for years. My life today is clearly a collection of testimonies heaped upo. . . Read More



I Have A Father Who Is All-knowing, Hallelujah!

A. O.

I want to testify of God’s deliverance from a snake in my house.

Around midnight on the 27th of April 2020, my husband woke up and said he was restless; he could not sleep and wanted to go to the balcony to relax. Immediately he opened my room door, he saw a snake moving in the corridor of the bedroom and headed toward. . . Read More