The Real Deal


Pastor Charles Omofomah

As a child of God, there is a change for you, and it really all started at the point you made a decision to walk with God. The most Positively impacting and life changing thing that can happen to any individual is to give his or her life to Jesus Christ — that is to get born again. Very few believers truly enjoy the import of their new life because they do not know that their status changed when they became born again. they do not know that there are benefits in Christ. They do not know they have signed up for a Real Deal.

In the Real Deal, Pastor Charles Omofomah shows you what is freely given to you in Christ. He says, “You don’t have to qualify to get benefits from God by showing yourself as anything other than being a child of God. Immediately you are born again, God envelopes you in His love, and says to you, ‘These benefits are for you’.”

This book uncovers this Real Deal as it explores in depth the benefits that are yours in Christ. The truths in it will saturate you, with the goodness of God towards you and you will make a decision to live in the conscious application of His benefits, freely given to you as God’s own child.

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