The Life and Times of God’s General


The Carpenter’s Ministry

The Life And Times of God’s General Pastor Charles Omofomah is a story of Pastor Charles Omofomah, the Founding Pastor of The Carpenter’s Church. This life story of an uncommon general of God – a prophet in word and deed, traces his humble beginnings from being “so poor that the poor called him poor” to becoming a man whose selfless service and love for humanity has set him apart as sterling exemplar for all, especially among men of God. He said of himself: “I live to serve humanity.” These were not mere idle words; he was a man in whose bosom beat a rare love for people and the things of God. This must-have and must-read book shows the tireless flames of heavenly fire which burned so brightly and radiantly in him, from his early days in the north of Nigeria, to becoming a pioneer of the Pentecostal movement in Nigerian university campuses. Discover the early beginnings of the church he founded and pastored for over two decades, and see how it has become a hub from where the message of power, direction and integrity to this generation and to generations yet unborn is being sounded forth. This story of one of the greats of this generation will show you his purity, passions, purpose, and power and you will be energized to fight the good fight, finish your own course, and be found faithful to the One who called you.
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