Our God Loves Us So Much, I Am Living Proof

My testimony is about how my Father constantly pampers me with His goodness upon my life.

Few years ago, I testified about how God, through my divine parents gave me an upgraded life and surprised me with an apartment. The apartment was super and I totally loved it. After two years of living there, I knew it was time to move because we had serious water issues, but I didn’t know how to begin and where to move to. Initially I was scared to accept the thought, how much more to utter it. While I was bracing myself to accept the obvious, a sister in church testified of how God miraculously gave her an apartment of her choice. My faith was lifted and for the first time I told my mom about it and to my excitement, she said it was okay as long as that was what I wanted.

Then I ventured into searching for the kind of apartment I wanted with all the specifications I had outlined to my good Father – constant water supply, light, bigger space, a clean spacious outdoor environment, all at an affordable price, of course! It felt weird and at the same time exciting because it was going to be my first time of stepping out to take such a major step as I planned to pay for this apartment. I thank God my sister Zoe was looking for an apartment that same period, so that encouraged me a lot. I felt if Zoe could do it, there in the US, without Mom and Dad’s physical presence, then surely, I can.

Brethren kindly helped me search for spaces but the prices were ridiculous. Then I appreciated even much more the gift of an apartment I had received two years earlier. I forgot to mention that I wanted a bigger apartment and I was not ready to put in more than an additional 5% of my present rent. After many weeks of searching my rent was about to expire and it looked like my dream was not going to come through. I had come to the end of myself so I dropped it and I quietly told God that I was done. A few days later, I got an offer letter from the HR department for accommodation in the Carpenter’s Ministry’s quarters – Caleb’s Flats. It felt like a big hug from God. Jehovah Jireh did not just come through for me He surpassed my expectations. Have you been to Caleb’s Flats? The environment speaks of our good God! Today I have my bigger apartment, constant water, a beautiful and conducive environment with excellent proximity to church.

Family, our God loves us so much. He loves to pamper His children. I am living proof. I am very grateful to You my Father and I love You unreservedly, for I know you have even greater surprises in store for this your daughter, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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