Our Covenant Of Life Was Made Manifest

One night, we got home at about 10:00 p.m. and we noticed that there was power outage, and we were using inverter. My wife later observed that our neighbour had light. I checked and discovered that our recharge card was exhausted, so I recharged it at about 11:00 p.m. Shortly after we went to bed.

Suddenly, at about 1:00 a.m. in the morning, I heard the inverter alarm. I came out to see what it was. On getting there, behold there was fire in the distribution box of the house which is directly above the door to our bedroom. Black smoke had covered everywhere. I woke my wife and she woke our children and her cousin who was staying with us. There was blackout everywhere. In her trepidation, she forgot to pick up the keys. All the while she was shouting Jesus continuously. I noticed I had an unusual courage, and I did not panic. I went straight to the bathroom, fetched some water, and poured it on the fire. This slowed down the fire’s devastating effect.

I told my wife to go to the car and get the fire extinguisher. She could not go out with the kids or even alert our neighbours because we couldn’t find the keys to the house. I poured more water: about three more times and the fire went out. She summoned up courage and began to look for the keys in the darkness and found it. When she opened the door, she noticed fire at the pre-paid meter outside and the wires that brought light to the house were burning; and she shouted, “Fire!” Meanwhile I was still looking for the car key in order to be able to pick up the fire extinguisher from the car. The Holy Spirit my helper, helped me find the key in the darkness. So, I ran out, opened the car, took the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

I climbed up to the roof through the manhole to confirm that there was no fire up. When I came down, I disconnected the fuse and put the change-over switch to neutral. All these happened like a movie thriller, but we thank God that the fire did not get through to the ceiling. I thank Him for courage to be coordinated. I could have panicked. He made good His Word: our covenant of life was made manifest in this incidence. I am short of words but full of gratitude to God.

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