Now I Am Healed

Some time ago, I went to my village for a burial ceremony. I was offered garden egg, groundnut and fanta after which I had distended abdominal pain. I took drugs but nothing happened. The next day there was still no improvement. That afternoon, my Dad came to the village and took me back home. Still there was no change. My mother said that if there was no change by the next morning, I would be rushed to the Hospital. Later on she said that I used to say that my Pastor preaches to us to administer the word when sickness comes to us. That challenged me. I prayed seriously and prayed again but nothing happened. Later I remembered what Pastor Charles preached at Broken Wall Healing School: “while believing God for your miracle, change your environment and move in the direction of your healing. Do those things that you can't do normally.” I acted out my faith by standing up and refused to lie down unless I was feeling sleepy. Eventually I slept and had a dream that I was healed. When I woke up the pain was still there. I slept again and kept believing for my healing. The next morning my Dad came to my room to find out if I was still the same in order to rush me to the Hospital. When I woke up, I found out that my abdomen had gone back to its normal size and there was no more pain.

I don't know exactly what the cause was: worms, food poison, bad food combination, all that I know is that it was a distended abdominal pain, but I AM HEALED!

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