Nothing Is Impossible with Our God

After our daughter was born in February 2012, which by the way was a major miracle, my wife and I started believing God for another child. The doctors had earlier told us that my wife would not be able to get pregnant without medical assistance because, according to their test results, my wife had blocked fallopian tubes. Therefore, when nothing seemed to happen after several months, we went back to the doctors, who advised us to go for the IVF procedure. We went through the first IVF session at one hospital and it failed. The doctors told us the reason for the failure was that my wife’s eggs were not viable. They advised us to consider using “donor” eggs where my sperm would be coupled with another woman’s viable eggs. We were not comfortable with this suggestion from the doctors.

Of course my wife and I were very discouraged at the failure and the feedback from the doctors. We went to see Pastor to keep her informed of these developments as she had walked with us through to our first child’s miraculous conception. Pastor Nkechi prayed with us and counseled with us reminding us of God’s faithfulness and that fruitfulness was part of our covenant. One of the things Pastor told us was that in spite of the reports of the doctors, my wife could still get pregnant supernaturally without any medical assistance at all because with God all things are possible. She encouraged us to consciously build our faith.

One Sunday after a particular message that Pastor Nkechi preached my wife rushed to see Pastor right after service. Being a staff partner, she managed to manoeuvre her way to see Pastor. She was very excited, and breathing heavily with eyes shining bright (this was how Pastor described her as I wasn’t in church that day). She told Pastor that the message that day had strengthened her faith so much that she was sure that she could get pregnant no matter the report from the doctors. She kept saying in a loud voice, “Pastor I’m ready, I’m ready!!!” She had gone to Pastor Nkechi’s office to announce that she was ready to get pregnant.

She said Pastor smiled warmly and said, that was good news because God had been ready, her husband (myself) was ready and she (Pastor) was ready too! She rejoiced with her like she was already pregnant and asked that we should both come to see her next week when I was billed to be in town. We both went to see her and Pastor held hands with us and thanked God afresh for our conception and delivery. After this we decided to go for another IVF procedure at another hospital and it failed again! The doctors also said my wife’s eggs were not viable. It became clear that God wanted to do greater than IVF could and we needed to focus on getting pregnant without the help of doctors.

We kept believing God for a miracle, though I must confess that at certain times, a part of me wanted to settle for having only one child – our beautiful daughter. We believed God for new fallopian tubes, a new womb, and fertile, healthy eggs.

During the November 2015 Healing Service, Pastor Nkechi, by word of knowledge called a case of blocked fallopian tubes being opened, which my wife and I claimed by faith. Three months later, sometime in February last year, we came back from Church and my wife told me that her period had been delayed. We waited for a few more days, to confirm that the period was missed and not delayed.

The following week my wife bought a pregnancy test kit with which we carried out a pregnancy test at home. The result showed that she was pregnant. We went to the hospital for a scan, and it was confirmed that my wife was indeed pregnant. Pregnant! This was without any form of medical assistance! Supernaturally pregnant, a woman who the expert doctors said had no viable eggs and could not conceive without help. We had help indeed! Help from above direct from Jehovah Rapha!! My wife and I were excited, and of course Pastor Nkechi was the first person we told we were pregnant. I could remember her joy and excitement the day my wife called her and broke the good news to her. She just kept screaming and praising God.

We started antenatal, which generally went well and in October 2016, my wife was delivered of a bouncing baby boy. The enemy tried to take his life in the first two weeks but God, our Help, supernaturally intervened and because of time that is another awesome testimony for another day. We are eternally grateful to God for our perfect family and our two miracle children and I want to declare that NOTHING! NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is impossible with our God!



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