22 Do you have faith? Have it to yourself before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves.

Romans 14:22

Often times, I hear people give embarrassing testimonies on healing. They share their testimonies with a spirit of guilt and defensiveness. For example, a woman who had her baby through a successful caesarean surgery comes to testify and gives the impression that there was no surgery because she wants to show that there was something great that happened. She feels that if she mentions surgery, she will be perceived as a failure, and it would mean that God was not on her case. People have died while having a caesarean operation, so whoever has one successfully has certainly witnessed God’s power.

What is even worse is when somebody, in testifying, tries to give the impression that were it not for that caesarean, the baby would have died. That again is not true: it is attempting to put a limit on God. The doctor may have told you that as he opened you up, he saw that the umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck. Thank God, the doctor performed the surgery successfully and in time; testify to that. However, don’t say that God could not have reached His hand into your womb supernaturally and unwound that cord, so you could have your baby by a vaginal delivery. It’s possible. All things are possible to them that believe (Mark 9:23). All things include unwinding a cord around a baby’s neck while in the womb.

My first daughter was in a breech position right up to a few weeks to delivery. The “expert” doctors in the USA nicknamed me the “caesarean lady” because they said the chances of her changing position were slim. I rejected that name each time, not because it is a sin or a curse to have a caesarean section, but because I believed God would turn my baby. He did. Then again, about forty-six hours after my water broke and I was induced into labour, my cervix still had not dilated fully. The “caesarean lady” declaration came up again and they began to prepare for a surgery. I asked for a few more minutes to make a phone call. I agreed with my husband and Pastor Charles – both of them were together by the phone in
Nigeria – and then I asked to be checked again. Reluctantly they did. I was now fully dilated! I pushed my baby out shortly after. When you are free of guilt and liberated by knowledge, the enemy cannot take advantage of you. Discover what divine healing is really all about.

I am always in faith concerning my healing.

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