New Wine Choir

New Wine Choir

The New Wine Choir is TCC’s anointed music ministry. The Founding Pastor prophetically renamed the Choir “The New Wine Choir” several years ago and since then we have been drinking new wine from the ministry of these dedicated men and women.
The purpose of the Music Ministry in TCC is two-fold.

  1. Towards God
    • Through scriptural worship
    • Through scriptural praise
  2. Towards Man
    • To the Body of Christ
    • To the Unbeliever

In TCC, a separate Praise and Worship Team focuses more on leading the people to minister to God while the New Wine Choir focuses more on ministering towards man:
To the unbeliever leading to salvation from sin, and healing for the sick (in the body, soul and spirit) and deliverance from all forms of bondage.
To the believer bringing:

  • Healing for the sick (in the body, soul and spirit) and deliverance from bondage.
  • Comfort, exhortation and edification.
  • Inspiration and challenge to increase in skill and excellence.

Perhaps the secret behind the powerful ministry of The New Wine Choir is the strict discipline and Guidelines the New Wine Choir operates by.
Also everyone in the New Wine Choir understands that they are unique and special to the Team. There are no stars and no redundant players for every voice counts and every instrumentalist counts in The New Wine Choir.

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