Jehovah Is Your Name, Mighty Warrior, Great In Battle

On the 5th of November 2019, on my way home from The Teaching Service, a colleague offered to drop me and another colleague off at Pepperoni Junction where I would board a vehicle home. I offered to buy us (my colleagues and I) suya because of a financial miracle that came to settle some bills. On getting to the suya spot, I suddenly lost appetite for suya. My colleague tried to persuade me saying, “Mena, a whole you?” He said that because of my love for meat. However, I told him to just get for himself, as I was already irritated.

After buying for him, we crossed over to the side where I was to take a taxi or bus home since it was past the keke curfew. Immediately we crossed over, a keke pulled out of nowhere. I gave the stop sign and it stopped to pick me up. I thought it was a miracle since it was past their curfew time. There were two passengers at the back and one at the front, so I sat in the back, making me the third person.

Immediately I boarded, I started singing the song Sis Grace ministered that day out loud “Jehovah is your name, Mighty Warrior, great in battle, Jehovah is your name”. A few minutes into the ride, just before a U-turn, the driver suddenly began driving in a funny jerk-like manner and I screamed, Driver, which kind driving be this na?” Surprisingly, I was the only one who reacted to what the driver did. I turned to look at the other passengers, and I saw the man at the extreme having some sort of communication with the driver. Immediately, the driver made a u-turn heading to another direction. I don’t know how I summoned the courage but I jumped out of the keke that was in motion. The people who didn’t say anything while the whole drama and sharp u-turn happened suddenly started screaming, “Madam, wetin dey pursue you na?”, and zoomed off.

I was unhurt. It was only the sandals I was wearing that had a little damage. I quickly crossed over and ran to a busy junction where I could see a number of people, and boarded another keke. I called my colleague immediately I got home to tell him what had happened and we both thanked God together. Later, he called me back and said, “Mena, your spirit strong oo. Na from that suya place your body give you sign say something bad wan happen”. I immediately said, “That was my Mighty Man in battle warning me to be alert”. I don’t know what would have happened that night, but I am certain that He who watches over me neither sleeps nor slumbers.

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