It Was an Obvious Miracle

On Sunday, the 6th of December 2009, I woke up in the morning with a word in my spirit: “Be still and know that I am God,” and I asked, “Lord, why are You telling me this? I always know You are God.” From that moment on, I felt unusually low in my spirit and I was not looking forward to the service that day. This feeling was strange for me because I’m always very excited on Sunday mornings.

Later on, my son and I got ready for church and as we headed towards the car which was parked beside the house, we noticed some kids playing along the sidewalk just on the next street where I would reverse the car, so I said to Kevin, my son, “I hope those children leave that place before I get there.” I started the car and warmed it for about five minutes and unknown to me one of the children, a little girl, had stooped in the middle of the street just behind my car. As I started reversing into the street, I saw and heard a man shouting but I did not know he was trying to get my attention, so I continued moving. The man continued to shout as he ran towards my car and at this time it was obvious that it was for my attention, still I did not know whether I was to go forward or backward. When he got to the car, he carried the little girl who was about four years old from under the car and I saw her eyes roll.

After a while, someone shouted, “Take her to the clinic quickly,” and that brought me out of the world of thought bombs that flooded my mind when I saw the little girl. So my son left for church with a friend who had joined us for the service and I headed for the clinic. When we arrived there, probably because I was not wailing and the little girl still looked well, they did not believe us when we said that a car climbed over the little girl, the nurse’s comment was “If your car climbed this little girl, she won’t be alive.” It was an obvious miracle and this was more than a mere survival because my tyre size is 225/75 Rim 15, and there was evidence that the car actually climbed over her because there were bruises on the sides of her face and she complained of pains in her shoulder, but that was all they saw. A doctor attended to her and we did several x-rays to ascertain the level of fractures; but there was none.

At the end of the day, I understood what God meant when he told me that morning, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Praise the Lord!

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