It Was Amazing! God Gave Me a Brand New Waist

As a growing child, one of the challenges I suffered intermittently was that of waist pain. This tarried till my adulthood, making it almost impossible for me to stand up from my bed without assistance most mornings, when the pain strikes.

Subconsciously I had grown to accept it, and resorted to minor or major massaging depending on the intensity of the pain at any particular time, but I have never felt it as excruciating as I did in the last six weeks. This time, it wasn’t just waist pain because I could literally feel that there has been a bone damage since the pain defied all other forms of massaging that had ameliorated it in the past.

The pain was consistent without break periods, which made it very difficult for me to get out of bed without assistance, until the last Healing Service, held last Sunday, 26th February 2016. We prayed for the service at home before coming to church and I had settled that the pain was not going back home with me, but I wasn’t expecting to have a brand new waist.

Pastor Nkechi preached and the healing power of God was tangible. Pastor called up some cases by the gift of the word of knowledge. We were asked to place our hands on areas where we experienced pain in our body and I placed mine on my waist region. Before the service was over, I felt a relief and was sure I had received my healing. The next morning, I deliberately refused to be assisted to get off the bed even when I was offered assistance, but I still felt a slight pain.

While sleeping on Monday night, I was asked to read Isaiah 66:14 (WEB) in a dream. It reads, “…and your bones will flourish like the tender grass.” After reading that scripture, it suddenly dawned on me that I had received a brand new waist. It was amazing! When I woke I discovered that I could now sit, bend, and lift items that were impossible for me to lift within the last six weeks. This is real, my waist feels different and new and there is no pain here. God is the greatest healer there is. All the glory be to God Almighty!


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